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Update to Motorola’s Boot Services app brings new Spring themed boot animation

Motorola - Moto  G

With a bulk of Motorola’s core apps available in the Google Play Store, it allows them to update them and make changes whenever necessary. Keeping this in mind, the¬†company has now updated its Boot Services app with a new boot animation.

The update is applicable to owners of the Moto X as well as the Moto G, so if you own either of the two smartphones, make sure you’re on the lookout for an update. It only changes the boot animation at startup, so nothing else is changed. If you don’t own a Motorola device though, you can check out the boot animation from the video below.

Motorola had an April Fools’ themed bootscreen a few weeks ago, and since we’re ahead of April now, the company has decided to bring in a new theme in line with the new season. Small perks like these surely spice up the devices and we hope Motorola continues this going forward.

Source: Play Store

Via: Android Police