How to fix Samsung Galaxy A20 that won’t turn on

The Samsung Galaxy A20 has some impressive hardware specs and can easily dominate the competition. However, just like any other device, it’s not perfect and you may encounter a problem or two while using it. In fact, some owners already reported to us that their units won’t turn on anymore. There were those who said

What to do if your LG X Charge no longer turns on (easy fix)

Your LG X Charge is packed with a really huge battery and it’s, in fact, it’s selling point. Smartphone users always love devices that last longer and while the device lives up to the expectations of its owners, there would always come a time that a problem or two may occur. We have received some

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus died and won’t turn back on

Some owners reported that their Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus died and would no longer turn back on no matter how many times or how long they hold the power key. Problems like this may occur from time to time and if you don’t know the nature of the problem, you may panic as your new

Quick Fix for Samsung Galaxy A60 that won’t turn on

While the Samsung Galaxy A60 is one of the top mid-range devices in 2020, it’s not free of issues and errors. In fact, we already received quite a lot of complaints from owners of this device. Others reported that their units won’t turn on after they powered down on their own without apparent reason. That’s

What to do with Samsung Galaxy S8 that got stuck in bootloop?

Being stuck in bootloop is often a sign of a firmware issue and many Samsung Galaxy S8 have been complaining about this problem especially after an update. Based on experience, it’s a problem that’s pretty easy to solve as long as you know what it’s all about. Sometimes, it may seem like a very complicated

Samsung Galaxy S5 Boot and Lag Issues

Samsung Galaxy S5 boot and lag issues are very common. A lot of users have experienced these issues whenever their devices receive a new update or app. Detailed below are the troubleshooting steps that you can try to resolve these concerns. Hope this works for you. If you happen to own a Samsung Galaxy S5 or

Fix to Galaxy S6 Edge Plus boot problems, more issues

We’ve promised to publish more posts related to #GalaxyS6 series so here’s another one for you. All of these issues are taken from submitted by some readers of our blog. If you don’t see your own issue published here, continue to watch out for more similar posts in the near future. In the meantime, these