Top 9 Android Smartphones With Physical QWERTY Keyboards

Phones with QWERTY keyboards haven’t been super popular in years. These types of phones were more popular when the original Palm Pilots were around, as well as when BlackBerry was in its prime. Today, however, you don’t see them much anymore, except for maybe a few small cases. However, they’re still being made quite often,

LG X Power

[Deal] Boost Mobile LG X Power for $59.99

The #BoostMobile #LG #XPower is now selling via eBay for a miserly $59.99. This isn’t a low-end device by any means, which makes this deal quite interesting. One of the key highlights of this smartphone is the presence of a massive 4,100 mAh battery. Having a smartphone of this battery capacity at this price point

LG Stylo 2

[Deal] Boost Mobile LG Stylo 2 for $79.99

The #BoostMobile compatible #LGStylo2 is now selling through eBay for just $79.99. The pricing won’t be visible on the listing directly and you will have to go to the checkout page to see it. So don’t be disheartened if you see the pricing missing on the listing page. The G Stylo was launched earlier this year and

LG X Power

[Deal] Boost Mobile LG X Power for $59.99

The #BoostMobile branded #LGXPower is now available via eBay for just $59.99. As you would have imagined, the handset comes with a budget ranged hardware on board. The X Power was launched earlier this year, which means it comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow by default. There’s no certainty on future updates, but it’s likely that


[Deal] Boost Mobile LG K3 for $24.99

The Boost Mobile branded #LGK3 is now selling on eBay for just $24.99. The smartphone comes from Best Buy’s official eBay store, so you’re getting the product from a very reliable source here. The K3 is equipped with a decent hardware specs sheet underneath, something that makes it an attractive proposition for the asking price.

LG Tribute HD

[Deal] Boost Mobile LG Tribute HD for $19.99

The #LG #TributeHD is now available on eBay for just $19.99. The smartphone is locked to work with Boost Mobile, which means you will be accessing Sprint’s networks if you purchase and activate the handset. Keep that in mind if you don’t have much coverage for Sprint’s networks in your area. For just $19.99, you’re getting

LG G Flex 2

[Deal] Boost Mobile LG G Flex 2 for $199.99

#LG’s early 2015 flagship, the #GFlex2 is now available on eBay for just $199.99. The seller mentions that the smartphone is compatible with Boost Mobile, although we’re not sure if it will work with GSM networks out there. Since Boost Mobile is a Sprint subsidiary, it is possible that network compatibility will be fairly limited

LG Tribute HD

[Deal] Boost Mobile LG Tribute HD for $72.99

LG’s #TributeHD handset for Boost Mobile can now be yours for just $72.99. The deal comes via eBay, which is an excellent source for tech-related deals. The handset will only work with Boost Mobile’s networks though, so the reach is fairly limited with regards to the networks. But barring that, the handset for just under

LG Stylo 2

[Deal] Boost Mobile LG G Stylo 2 for $99.99

Boost Mobile’s #LG #GStylo2 can now be yours for just $99.99 on eBay. The smartphone comes with a pretty attractive hardware specs sheet on board, even for a budget device. The one caveat here is that the phone is compatible only with Boost Mobile’s networks, or so it seems. Be sure to cross check with

LG Tribute 5

[Deal] Boost Mobile LG Tribute 5 for $68.99

Boost Mobile’s #LG #Tribute5 is now available via eBay for just $68.99. The price won’t be visible until checkout, so there’s no need to worry if it’s not visible on the listing right away. As you have probably guessed, the Tribute 5 is an exciting budget offering and comes with an attractive hardware specs sheet

Galaxy J7 (2016)

[Deal] Boost Mobile Galaxy J7 (2016) for $179.99

Boost Mobile’s #Samsung #GalaxyJ7 (2016) can now be snatched up from eBay for just $179.99, which is a pretty remarkable price on the device. The handset was unveiled only recently, so to find a discount already is pretty cool. The Galaxy J7 is one of the few Samsung handsets right now to come with Android

[Deal] Boost Mobile LG G Stylo for $69.99

Boost Mobile’s #LG #GStylo can now be yours for a smooth $69.99. The deal comes via online retailer eBay, with Best Buy being the provider of the device. So you’re getting the device from a credible source here. The handset packs a budget-ranged hardware at best, but you probably guessed that by the price tag. Well,

[Deal] Boost Mobile ZTE Warp Elite for $99.99

The #ZTE #WarpElite smartphone is now available for purchase at just $99.99 from eBay. This model here is compatible with Boost Mobile’s networks, so you’re in luck if you prefer Sprint’s prepaid subsidiary for your mobile needs. The handset is a pretty capable offering for under $100, especially given the hardware on board. The Warp

[Deal] Boost Mobile LG G Stylo for $99.99

Boost Mobile’s large sized stylus-toting offering, the #LG #GStylo is now available for purchase at just $99.99 from eBay. This makes the handset a very exciting proposition, especially if you’re in the market for a budget device. There’s no telling as to how long the pricing will last, so it makes sense to utilize the deal while

Galaxy J3

[Deal] Boost Mobile compatible Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) for $129.99

The #Samsung #GalaxyJ3 is a highly capable mid-ranged offering that’s available across the globe. In the U.S, Boost Mobile offers the smartphone for $179.99. An eBay deal, however is undercutting the carrier’s official pricing and is offering the smartphone for just $129.99. This is a very attractive deal on the handset and gives customers the

LG Tribute 5

Boost Mobile launching the LG Tribute 5 for $99.99

#BoostMobile has just announced the launch of the budget ranged #LG #Tribute5 smartphone on its networks. The handset carries an attractive price tag of just $99.99, which makes this is a very impressive offering. The device comes with a sub-par hardware specs sheet, which isn’t exactly a surprise given the price tag. The Tribute 5 comes

Samsung Galaxy J3

Samsung Galaxy J3 launched by Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile

The #Samsung #GalaxyJ3 smartphone has just been announced by Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile respectively, carrying an attractive price tag. Both carriers are charging $180 for the smartphone, which is slightly expensive given what this Samsung midranger brings to the table. For the price mentioned above, you’re getting a 5-inch 720p AMOLED display, a 1.2 GHz quad