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5 Best Galaxy S10 Bluetooth Keyboard In 2019

We’re doing more and more work on our smartphones. In our mobile-first world, that can be a good thing, allowing us to accomplish work almost anywhere we are. Unfortunately, technology hasn’t really caught up to that in terms of comfort and easy to use. Sure, smartphones are better than they ever have been; however, if

5 Best Galaxy S10 Plus Bluetooth Keyboard In 2019

With so much work now moving over to smartphones, we’re starting to see the difficulties that come with writing up articles, generating reports, and communicating on small, low-profile screens. It’s not easy on your hands, and can easily result in physical problems like carpal tunnel. Luckily, as technology has progressed so much, there is an

5 Best Galaxy S10E Bluetooth Keyboard In 2019

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is one expensive smartphone, and the Galaxy S10 Plus even pricier. However, Samsung is offering a third phone to make its flagship a little more accessible to the common person — it costs $750; however, there are some slight alterations to make it cheaper. One of those alterations is a smaller

Hypercel offers to add a Slide-out Keyboard to the Samsung Galaxy S4

A company called Hypercel is giving you the chance to add a physical, sliding-out QWERTY keyboard to your Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. This addition comes in the form of a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard that claims to let one switch easily from the on-screen keyboard to the physical one. To support its user-friendly goal, the keyboard comes