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Blue HTC One

Blue HTC One

Metallic Blue HTC One arriving at Best Buy on September 15

The recently announced Blue variant of the HTC One finally has an ETA, thanks to Best Buy. The retailer will be selling this “exclusive” variant of the smartphone on its shelves beginning from September 15. Interestingly, Best Buy will be selling AT&T, Sprint and Verizon variants of the blue HTC One, so it’s not exactly


HTC announces Desire 601, Desire 301, blue HTC One, BoomBass

IFA is upon us and HTC has come out the door guns blazing with a few new product launches. The Berlin conference is like the European CES, with all sorts of wacky electronics and mid-range devices getting launched. This year, we are going to see more than mid range devices, with a full new line

Blue HTC One

HTC One blue edition coming to Sprint on September 10

Even though the blue HTC One has been rumoured to be a Verizon Wireless exclusive, it seems Sprint will pick up another exclusive deal, making it the fourth colour available from the third biggest carrier in the US. The new report comes from a roadmap of Sprint’s current releases and future releases, also revealing the

Blue HTC One

Blue HTC One spotted in the wild, again

We have heard plenty about the Blue HTC One and seen it on several occasions as well. However, they were either renders of the smartphone or pre-production components. But what we have here is a picture of the actual smartphone posing next to the HTC One Mini and the recently announced Mini+ remote. From what