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New York Times Moves Toward Netflix Model as Ads Decline

Mark Thompson, CEO of the New York Time is taking a leaf from Netflixs’ book and moving over to the subscription model for it’s services in a bid to drastically change the publisher into an internet company that relies less and less on advertising revenue. In an interview with Thompson he said “the creation of

Sprint “The Enabler” May Come To Clearwire’s Rescue Again

Dan Hesse has got to be feeling like Al Bundy these days, you know with his wallet out sitting on the couch. Several industry sites are reporting that Sprint has been talking with cable companies and other Clearwire investment partners about taking over the whole kit and kaboodle. In 2008 Clearwire merged with Sprint and

MySpace Not For Sale, Says CEO Mike Jones

The hotseat shifted or rather moved from San Francisco California to France for the LeWeb conference. The conference started yesterday and concludes today with a whole slew of industry players including Marissa Meyer of Google, Dennis Crowley of Foursqaure and Mike Jones embattled CEO of Myspace. As we reported earlier this fall, NewsCorp (MySpace’s Parent

IDC: Android Will Overtake Symbian in Europe Next Year

The news of Android’s growth comes as no shock. In fact we’ve run several pieces as of late about how Nokia is in a downward spiral.  Nokia, one of Finland’s largest companies, has also pretty much held the title the World’s Largest OS for a number of years. Android accounted for 23% of the smartphone

Validation of the “Facebook phone” rumors?

The smartphone community was set ablaze last week at the news that Facebook was working on their own phone, instead of working to better the apps they deploy across every smartphone platform. The initial rumors were ignored by most here at The Droid Guy, mostly due to the response our own Elijah Ketchum got from