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Dish-owned Blockbuster Could Sell Mobile Phones Soon

Blockbuster could soon be selling mobile phones at its retails stores after its mother company Dish recently announced its plan to provide phone services along with internet and videos. Dish continues to diversify its business by updating its technology and providing new services other than their cables business. Obviously, Blockbuster also needs to make a

Pissed At Netflix? Blockbuster To The Rescue… Not so much

Now that Blockbuster themselves have been rescued by Dish Network, they are now coming to the aid of disgruntled Netflix customers who were disturbed by Netflix recent cost increase which raised rates nearly 60%. In response to the Netflix pricing increase Blockbuster is offering their Total Access plans at a discount to Netflix customers.  Netflix

More Trouble For Rooted Devices

Recently, we came to find out that rooted devices will not be able to rent movies using Google’s new movie rental system. While this is an understandable move on Google’s end is does leave rooted users in a funky situation. Do you choose between movies or the freedom of a rooted device? Well, unfortunately¬†Google is

Wow! Dish Buys Blockbuster For $320 Million

Wow what a story. First off Wayne Huzienga of Florida Marlins fame and company take Blockbuster Video (Wow what a difference) to new heights and expansion in the 90’s. All of your favorite mom and pop video shops closed down for the big blue giant. Then Silicon Valley sweeps Blockbuster under the rug, and they

News Of Pending Sale Could Be Good For Blockbuster App

Despite the fact that Netflix swears they have DRM and security problems with Android, Dallas based Blockbuster Inc has been trying to get their similar app onto almost every new Android handset to hit the shelves. The problem is that Blockbuster, as it was before, is near extinction. People are having trouble grasping the idea

HTC & Texas Instruments join the Android Barbecue Roster

Austin TX- Ok Here it comes are you ready:¬† Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 2 months than undoubtedly you’ve heard about the Big Android Barbecue, if you haven’t get here now The weekend of October 1-3 nearly 1000 Android fans, enthusiasts, developers, app developers, carriers, partners, and vendors will

Blockbuster Rolls out Android App with Droid X

Blockbuster on Demand Presented by V Cast Video Brings New Hit Movies to Droid X. Imagine being able to legally see the latest new release rentals that you would find on the shelves of your local Blockbuster or in your local Blue Box, right on your mobile device. That is now a reality with Blockbuster