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How To Block A Number On Pixel 3

There’s nothing more annoying than getting constant calls from telemarketers trying to sell you something that you don’t need, want, or even want to hear about. Even more so annoying might be friends or family members that are constantly trying to call you at the worst times, such as while you’re at work. That said,

How to block a number on Verizon

The stock Android firmware has a block option included in its Phone application but carriers or service providers always have an option to remove such feature and replace it with theirs and if this happens, it means that a supposedly free feature would now be paid or at least, included in a plan. Blocking unwanted

How to block a number on Android

Blocking a number on your Android phone is now easier to do than before. Stock Android firmware has this feature in its phone app while other phone makers just want to personalize their devices so they added such feature in their respective skins or UI’s. There are, however, devices that don’t have this feature but

How To Block A Number On Pixel 3 XL

Are you tired of getting unnecessary phone calls, possibly from telemarketers or friends and family at the most inopportune times? You could be at walk, and either party just continues to call and call. It’s annoying, and there’s no way to really stop them if they won’t listen to your requests, which leaves you to