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Verizon might be charging companies $1 or $2 per bloatware installed

In what has come as little surprise to many of us, a new report talks about Verizon’s intentions to charge top companies and developers about $1 to $2 (per installation) to add their bloatware on VZW devices. This would only apply to newly activated devices, however. The report was first posted by Advertising Age, which says that

Bloatware on the Samsung Galaxy S6 can be removed by the users

Customers have always had one massive complaint with OEM devices and that is the addition of unnecessary bloatware. But Samsung seems to be on the path to change that as it will reportedly allow users to change or remove these apps entirely from the Galaxy S6. These include apps provided by the company itself. This

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Running Slow After 4.3 Upgrade

A new question came in via The Droid Guy Mailbag about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 running slow after 4.3 upgrade. Basically, this question is being thrown a lot lately by Android Smartphone users. According to several users who upgraded to Android 4.3, they noticed that their phones have been running slower than usual and

South Korea Says Goodbye to Smartphone Bloatware

The days when carriers or smartphone manufacturers can just jam in a couple of bloatware in a device may soon be over. This after the South Korean Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning ruled that starting this coming April, wireless carriers and device makers must allow consumers to easily delete the pre-installed applications on

Sprint Working On Making Bloatware Tolerable

When Sprint and HTC announced recently that most of the bloatware apps on the Sprint HTC Evo 3D were removable it was met by thunderous applause from the Android community.  In case you aren’t in the know, Bloatware is the term used to describe apps that come pre-installed on your new Android device. Prior to