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Makers of Blackphone to launch a privacy oriented app hub

The makers of privacy centric Blackphone have announced plans to launch a dedicated app store which will only offer secure and privacy friendly applications. This will make its way to the Blackphone in the form of PrivatOS 1.1 which will start rolling out in early 2015. The inclusion of the app store is a welcome

Security oriented Blackphone now shipping out to customers for $629

Remember the security based Blackphone we talked about a few months ago? Well, the smartphone has now begun shipping to customers for $629 unlocked and without contract, which is a hefty fee to pay for a device which isn’t as well equipped in terms of hardware as other competitive offerings. The device runs PrivatOS which

Blackphone Privacy-Oriented Android Smartphone To Ship Out In 3 Weeks

Are you looking for an Android smartphone that comes with top of the line privacy-protection features? You should check out Blackphone which hits the market in 3 weeks time. This device which is made by encrypted communications provider Silent Circle and manufacturer Geeksphone was announced early this year and gives users the ability to work

Security based Blackphone to feature NVIDIA’s Tegra 4i SoC

SGP Technologies showed off a neat concept called Blackphone which would provide users increased security and encryption services to keep their data safe from watchful eyes. The company has now announced the choosing of NVIDIA’s Tegra 4i chipset to run on the smartphone. For those that don’t remember, the Tegra 4i is an upgraded version