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[Deal] BlackBerry Priv selling for $649 ($50 off)

Amazon is now offering the #BlackBerryPriv smartphone for just $649. The handset has been selling consistently for $699 since it was released, which makes this price reduction a pretty big deal. The Priv is BlackBerry’s first attempt at Android and a fairly successful one at that we must add. There’s no telling if this is

BlackBerry Priv now getting the March security update

The #BlackBerryPriv smartphone is now receiving the security update for the month of March, as is the norm every month. The update merely fixes security bugs (if any) and probably won’t bring a visual overhaul to the handset. Even though the update doesn’t introduce any new features to the fore, it’s satisfying and relieving as

BlackBerry Priv reaches Verizon Wireless with a steep price tag

The #BlackBerryPriv flagship is finally available for purchase from #VerizonWireless. The handset has only been available from AT&T and T-Mobile up until now with #Sprint expected to get it soon as well. But its arrival on Big Red will be massive news for fans of BlackBerry. However, there’s one little concern with Verizon’s model of the

BlackBerry Priv

BlackBerry offering free accessory bundle along with the Priv

Customers of the #BlackBerryPriv are now getting a free accessory bundle worth $99 for a limited period. This bundle includes the Leather Smart Flip Case and a Sync Pod as well as a 1.2 meter USB cable. The smartphone itself will set you back by $699, so it’s good to know that some cool accessories will be

BlackBerry Priv

T-Mobile reveals BlackBerry Priv pricing ahead of Jan. 26 release

With exactly one week left for the release of the #BlackBerryPriv on #TMobile, the carrier has now revealed the pricing of the device. Unlike BlackBerry’s official $699 pricing, the carrier will actually charge $720 for the device under its 24-month $0 down payment plans ($30/month). If you’re on the JUMP! On Demand plan however, you will

BlackBerry 10 OS far from dead claims company CEO

A report from yesterday spoke of how #BlackBerry could be ditching its proprietary BB 10 OS in favor of #Android. However, it seems like this was mere speculation (or wishful thinking), as the company CEO has categorically backed BB 10 and mentioned that it’s here to stay. BlackBerry CEO, John Chen said the following in a

BlackBerry Priv

T-Mobile could release the BlackBerry Priv on January 26

People were initially skeptical about the #BlackBerryPriv, but the device has been quite popular in the markets since it was released. However, the handset is an exclusive via AT&T in the U.S., so the customers don’t have a lot of options to purchase the handset. But that’s about to change with T-Mobile supposedly setting up a January

BlackBerry Priv

BlackBerry to launch a midrange Android handset in 2016: Report

With the #BlackBerryPriv currently selling pretty decently in the world markets, a new report suggests as to how the company could be looking to launch its second #Android device sometime next year. The word comes directly from the CEO of #BlackBerry John Chen, although he didn’t give out a confirmation as to when this device will break

BlackBerry Priv

AT&T sending out an update to the BlackBerry Priv

The AT&T branded #BlackBerry #Priv is getting an update starting today. There will be quite a handful of changes on board and it doesn’t appear to be a run of the mill security patch. Regardless, this is significant news as it’s the first update that the AT&T version of the BlackBerry Priv has received. Here’s the

BlackBerry Priv

BlackBerry Priv sold out at Walmart within just a couple of days

Many were skeptical about the #BlackBerryPriv before it was officially unveiled in the markets as leaks had given us a very good idea of what to expect from the device. However, it seems like the concept of a security oriented phone with Android and BlackBerry’s iconic keyboard on top is a very attractive combination for

BlackBerry Priv

BlackBerry Priv now available for purchase via Walmart

The #BlackBerryPriv smartphone has received positive reviews from critics and users alike. The handset combines the classic BlackBerry keyboard with Android’s raw power, thus offering a truly great experience for the customers. Well, BlackBerry has now partnered with retail chain Walmart to showcase the handset in its retail locations across the U.S. The handset is still