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BlackBerry Messenger is Officially Dead

Considered one of the most secure messaging applications at one time, BlackBerry Messenger, is officially shutting down today. BBM as it is popularly known, has seen a steady decline in users thanks largely to the arrival of competitors like WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, WeChat, and so on. While BBM’s secure messaging pitch did attract plenty of

BBM 2.1 for Android brings support for stickers, larger file transfers

BlackBerry is continuing its streak of coming up with constant improvements to the BBM client for Android (and iOS), and with the latest update, the Canadian company is jumping on the stickers bandwagon to make the messaging experience more visual than it has been before, following in the footsteps of other popular messaging apps like

BBM for Android now compatible with Android 2.3 Gingerbread devices

While Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean might have taken over more than 50 percent of all devices running Android, the hard and cold truth is that there are still a considerable amount of phones running on Gingerbread. For BlackBerry, not having the BBM app support that old-but-still-active version of Android has allowed competing apps

BlackBerry Reaches 40 Million BBM Users on iOS and Android

Well here’s a product from BlackBerry that people want to try out. In the 60 days since the service was launched for iOS and Android, BlackBerry has had 40 million new users join BBM. While this is good, it doesn’t point out how many users are still on BBM. I know many people who have

BlackBerry Messenger Will Be Preloaded On LG Phones

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is about get more users, if people use the app. BlackBerry has announced a deal with LG that BBM will come pre-installed on LG smartphones. The LG Pro Lite will be the first phone to have BBM built-in. It seems that emerging markets are being targeted by both companies, as the Pro

BBM Claims To Have 20 Million Active Users on Android and iOS

BlackBerry Messenger is quickly gaining more users after being out for only a week. After getting downloaded 10 million times in the first 24 hours and dropping the wait list this weekend, BlackBerry has announced that BBM now has 20 million active users on Android and iOS. That’s a lot of active users for an

BBM set to launch on Android this Friday, iOS on Saturday

BlackBerry has been silent on launch dates for BBM, the messaging service currently only available on BlackBerry devices, but a new rumor says the company will launch the app on Android this Friday, with the iOS launch happening a day later. Indonesian website TeknoUp has published an invite to the BBM launch event on Thursday, September

BlackBerry Messenger: The End of Platform Specific Services?

BlackBerry Messenger, is about to launch on Android and iOS. BlackBerry Messenger used to be a feature exclusive to BlackBerry phones, and which was a major selling point for the Waterloo-based company’s devices. The smartphone market has changed a lot in the past few years, and BlackBerry Messenger has to either go cross-platform or become

Video showing BBM on Android surfaces

BBM is an integral part of BlackBerry’s survival, the company’s messaging service once ruled the roost, but with the lack of BlackBerry users and the company keeping the messaging service locked onto their phones, the usage has declined. This year, CEO Thorsten Heins announced BBM would be coming to the two other major mobile operating

BBM reportedly coming to Android and iOS at the end of next month

BlackBerry announced their messaging service, BBM, would be coming to Android and iOS in the summer. This came as BlackBerry started to think about other options, including the possible sale of the company and assets. Since the announcement, there has been no release date from BlackBerry and it has got to the point developers are

BBM for Android and iPhone Landing Page Briefly Goes Live

One of the best reasons to get a BlackBerry device is its BlackBerry Messenger service which allows people to send messages, photos and even videos with each other. This feature which is exclusive to BlackBerry devices will soon become available to Android and iOS devices. No release date as has been announced by BlackBerry yet