BlackBerry 10 OS far from dead claims company CEO

A report from yesterday spoke of how #BlackBerry could be ditching its proprietary BB 10 OS in favor of #Android. However, it seems like this was mere speculation (or wishful thinking), as the company CEO has categorically backed BB 10 and mentioned that it’s here to stay. BlackBerry CEO, John Chen said the following in a

Tizen will be Among the Top 3 Mobile OS According to Analyst

Currently, the smartphone industry is dominated by the iOS and Android platforms, which are owned respectively by Apple and Google. The two are followed by Windows Phone 8, the BlackBerry 10, Ubuntu, Firefox and some others. But with the high popularity of the Samsung brand in the mobile phone market, a report from Bloomberg said

AT&T Blackberry Q10 pre-orders now accepted

AT&T starts accepting pre-orders for the Blackberry Q10 today. The handset comes with a price tag of $199.99 with a two-year agreement. Aimed at consumers who still prefer physical keyboards to on-screen ones, the Blackberry Q10 offers a full QWERTY keyboard along with a 3.1-inch capacitive touchscreen, as well. Such screen comes with S-AMOLED technology,

More Blackberry 10 devices on the way: Sprint

Blackberry launched their two flagship devices, the Z10 and the Q10 back in January; however Q10 is still not available in the country. Just when the news was focused around the availability of Q10, the only Blackberry 10 device on Sprint, a Company Exec adds that the carrier will launch one more Blackberry 10 device

Entry Level BlackBerry 10 R Series Device Leaked

BlackBerry previously made an announcement that their latest operating system which is the BlackBerry 10 will only be used on their high end devices while relegating the BlackBerry 7 operating system to handle the mid-range to low-end devices. This might change soon as a leak of an upcoming device running on BB10 was spotted and

Nimbuzz app redesigned for BlackBerry

Popular social app on Android, Nimbuzz, is all set to undergo a makeover to fit the BlackBerry bill. A cross messaging mobile platform, the app provides file sharing, chatting, video messaging and other social networking services, placing it among the five most popular chat apps in the Android market. The service will be redesigned for

BlackBerry goes the Apple way with mapping application

Map apps all over seem to be falling short of Google’s standards. A few months ago, with the new iOS 6.0, Apple received a lot of flak for its very own map app -Apple Maps that notoriously misplaced whole cities. BlackBerry seems to be facing the same issue with its new OS, BB10 as well.

No Budget Model BlackBerry 10 Coming This Year

Now that the BlackBerry Z10 has been released into the market a lot of people are expecting BlackBerry to come up with another model running on BlackBerry 10 that will cater to the budget conscious consumer. The company however said that they won’t be discontinuing BB7 anytime soon which means that the budget models might

How To Unlock Blackberry Z10 On AT&T Or T-Mobile

It looks like BlackBerry is back in the game with their latest model the Z10. This new model which runs on the latest BlackBerry 10 operating system made its debut last February 5 over at Canada and the company has reported that their latest model made record breaking sales in its first day alone. Canadian

BlackBerry Shares Soar in the Stock Market

The BlackBerry 10 launch was one of the most awaited OS launches we’ve seen in a long time, and that is due to a number of reasons. Previous iterations of the BlackBerry OS failed to make any sort of an impact on the market due to its limited capabilities as a mobile operating system. But

BlackBerry 10 Vs Android: Why Android Comes Top

It is common knowledge that RIM, the Canadian company that makes BlackBerry, has been doing miserably bad over the last couple of years, way worse than Microsoft, when it comes to mobile phones.  The company enjoyed an estimated 5.7% mobile phone market share globally at the end of 2013, coming behind Android, the market leader

BlackBerry PlayBook Tablets Will Get the BlackBerry 10 Update

After the major announcement by BlackBerry yesterday which showed us the beautiful Z10 smartphone, it was only a matter of time we thought till the company has some words to share about the fate of its tablets too (you know, the ones which were known as the PlayBook). These 7-inch tablets were originally launched in