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Amazon Says Black Friday Weekend Kindle Sales Doubled From Last Year

Amazon is saying that their Kindle sales have nearly doubled over this Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. That’s great! Unfortunately, Amazon isn’t going to be releasing their sales figures for their Kindles, so we won’t get to see statistics side-by-side from last year’s Black Friday weekend. In addition to that, Amazon isn’t even saying

5 Best eBay Black Friday 2016 Deals for This Week

Nobody likes to be left behind, especially not eBay. Every year around major shopping holidays, all eyes are on Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and other major online retailers, trying to spot what the best deals of the year are. But it turns out that some of the sweetest discounts this year come from various sellers

5 Best Amazon Black Friday 2016 Deals for This Week

Just like every year, Amazon has a whole basket of sweet deals ready for the upcoming Black Friday, which falls on Friday, November 25. To make sure you won’t miss any five-star deals, we have prepared a list of top 5 best Amazon Black Friday 2016 deals for this week. It should come as no

Amazon Echo

The Echo was Amazon’s best-selling item this Black Friday

The #AmazonEcho is a handy voice assistant that can pick up your voice from practically anywhere in the house. It features an always on mic, meaning it’s always listening to you. Something as simple as playing music can be achieved simply over voice, which makes this a must have for every digitally connected household. Couple

[Deal] Huawei Watch selling with a 15% discount at Target

Popular retailer #Target is holding a site wide 15% off promo as part of #CyberMonday. Among the list of devices that are up for grabs is the #HuaweiWatch, which is the company’s #AndroidWear smartwatch. The pricing of the wearable ranges between $299.99 to $399.99, so saving 15% on that amount is quite significant. The amount is valid

[Deal] Verizon selling the Sony SmartWatch 3 for just $99.99

You can now snatch up Sony’s #SmartWatch3 wearable for just $99.99 courtesy of a deal running over at #Verizon. Naturally, this is a brand new unit of the wearable and not refurbished like most deals that are currently available online. Even if you’re not a big fan of smartwatches, at $99.99, it wouldn’t hurt to

Fire TV

[Deal] Amazon Fire TV and tablets discounted for Black Friday

#Amazon has officially announced its Black Friday promotions where it is offering devices like the #FireTV, #FireTVStick, Fire HD 6 as well as the 7 inch Fire tablet on the cheap. It’s good to know that the world’s largest e-commerce retailer has thrown its hat in the ring for Black Friday. Some of these deals are

Play Store Gift Card

[Deal] Get a $100 Play Store gift card for just $80

Sam’s Club is now offering a pretty sweet deal on the #Google #PlayStore gift card worth $100. While you usually have to shell out the full amount to purchase the gift card, the retailer is only asking for $79.64, which is about 20% off on the standard asking price. This effectively means that you get