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Samsung Galaxy S4 finally hits the 10 million sales mark, more colors on the way

It was just last week when Samsung CEO Shin Jong Kyun estimated that the Galaxy S4 would be able to hit the 10 million global sales mark soon. And true to his words, the company has finally announced this achievement today, as Galaxy S4 beats all the previous records set by its predecessors.

Samsung Galaxy S4

The device took less than a month to achieve this feat! Galaxy S4 was launched on 27th April, 2013 and in a matter of 26 days, it managed to reach the 10 million mark. When you compare this with the previous flagship phones, you will know that this indeed is an achievement. Samsung’s Galaxy SIII took over 50 days to reach this figure, while Galaxy SII took around 5 months and S around 7 months to reach the same milestone.

Well, this doesn’t come as a surprise as the company had already passed the 6 million mark on May 10. The rate at which Samsung was selling the phone (i.e. around 4 units per second), we were sure that the company would be reaching this mark pretty soon.

And to celebrate this achievement, Samsung has also announced four new summer color variants to the device. This means that along with the traditional White Mist and Black forest colors, you can also get the S4 in Blue Arctic, Red Aurora, Purple Mirage and Brown Autumn.   

Samsung has made the S4 available in more than 110 countries and would be expanding to 45 more countries later this year.