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Bizzy Checking Out For The Last Time

You may remember back at South By Southwest we found out about a new location based app for Android called Bizzy. Bizzy flipped up the LBS (Location Based Service) model by encouraging people to “check out” instead of checking in.  The Bizzy app encouraged people to check out of a place with three distinct possibilities

Bizzy Makes Checking Out Social

When we first told you about Bizzy earlier in the year we knew that it was different. The foundation seems similar to others but what sets Bizzy apart is instead of “checking in” you “check out”. Sure ratings apps aren’t new but the way Bizzy does it is different and  actually, more natural. Bizzy has

Bizzy Encourages Former Whrrl Users To Get Bizzy

Localization deal experts Groupon recently acquired the personalization and location based business recommendation site, Whrrl, and announced that they were shutting it down. When Whrrl came on the scene they were a location based service that prouded themselves on the anti-search and used very precise algorithms to serve up recommendations.  Whrrl creator and CEO Jeff

Bizzy Challenges The Droid Guy to Check Out South By South West

We had lunch today with the folks from Bizzy. Bizzy is a new location based app, but better than that they are looking to change the paradigm from the traditional check in apps. Sure everyone “changes the paradigm” we must have seen 1390493 game changers since we got into Austin for South By South West.