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Nymi Bracelet Uses Your Heartbeat To Unlock Your Android Device

A new upcoming device offers a different approach to unlocking Android devices (or even iOS devices). It is called the Nymi bracelet and it uses a person’s heartbeat to log into a device. The principle behind this technology is that the bracelet can determine its owner’s heartbeat and distinguish it from others using an electrocardiogram sensor. Each person has a unique cardiac rhythm which allows the bracelet to easily identify its owner.


The Nymi bracelet will work out of the box for Android, iOS, Mac,  and Windows devices. The bracelet will immediately authenticate with all devices that are near it.  The problem with other authentication devices is that if it gets lost, the person who found it will be able to get into your devices. If the Nymi bracelet gets lot your devices will still be safe since it won’t get unlocked unless there is a heartbeat match.

“The Nymi functions on a 3-factor security system. To take control of your identity you must have your Nymi, your unique heartbeat and an Authorized Authentication Device (AAD), which would be a smartphone or device registered with our app. The Nymi is also built upon the principles of Privacy by Design, which means that only you control and access your identity and personal information.”

A promotional video shows Nymi going beyond mobile device usage. It will soon be able to open your cars as you approach it, pay for your purchases by simply waving your wrist at the cash register, accessing hotel rooms, adjusting the room temperature, and even controlling the TV.

Bionym, the company behind this authentication device, says that the device is still in its prototype stage. Developers are encouraged to get involved with the project.

Those interested in this device can now pre-order it for $79, a price which is valid for the first 25,000 customers. After which, it will be priced at $99. The expected delivery date will be on early spring of 2014.

via getnymi