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New Cover on the Paperback Edition Of Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs Biography Coming in Fall

Steve Jobs biography cover

Steve Jobs biography cover

The best selling Steve Jobs biography written by Walter Isaacson will be released on paperback in the fall and it will have a new cover on the book, the cover unlike the Hardcover will not have Jobs with his famous round spectacles. The new cover will have the image of a younger jobs in the same pose in black and white just like the hardcover but it is a close up on the face of jobs and it feels more intimate.

The cover isn’t the only thing that will be update there will be a new afterword added to the book and it will be available on September 10th. Jobs personally approved the original cover for the biography and he insists was the only decision that Jobs had in this hands to make. There is no information about how many copies the best seller has sold so far, Simon & Schuster the publishers of the book have chosen to keep that information to themselves. There is one thing that we do know and that is that it was Amazons best seller for a long while after release.

I know that some Apple fanboys will go out and buy the paperback just for the new cover, but i’m interested in the Afterword and what has changed. The paperback edition may send the book back into Amazons best sellers list yet again.

Source: CultofMac