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Facebook could soon be included in T-Mobile’s Binge On

T-Mobile’s #BingeOn is probably one of the most popular services out there as it provides unlimited video usage (to a select number of apps). There is now word that #Facebook could be joining the list very soon. This makes sense given that Facebook hosts a large number of videos posted every day by users and companies alike.

T-Mobile Binge On

YouTube finally added to T-Mobile’s Binge On service

T-Mobile’s #BingeOn unlimited videos streaming service has received some criticism from the tech world. There was an argument that T-Mobile was coming in the way of net neutrality by only adding some video providers on their list, thus offering them an unfair advantage over the others. One of the glaring omissions from Binge On was Google’s

T-Mobile Binge On

T-Mobile adds more services to Binge On

While T-Mobile’s #BingeOn video streaming service has irked net neutrality backers, the carrier has just added a few more popular channels to the offering, letting customers enjoy more video content without counting against their monthly data cap. The new services to have been launched are Amazon Video, Fox News, WWE Network and Univision NOW. This essentially brings the

T-Mobile clarifies that it merely ‘downgrades’ YouTube videos

#YouTube is not part of T-Mobile’s Binge On promotion as we’re all aware. However, the #Google owned company recently accused T-Mobile of throttling its videos while on cellular networks, despite not being a part of Binge On. T-Mobile has now responded to YouTube’s allegations and mentioned that they treat YouTube as any other video service and

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YouTube claims T-Mobile is throttling its video speeds without consent

T-Mobile’s Binge On service has raised some controversy from net neutrality advocates ever since it was released. However, the service has landed itself in some fresh controversy, with #YouTube alleging T-Mobile of throttling data speeds of its videos without any consent from them. It is said that videos are automatically being streamed in 480p, much like