Steve Ballmer makes ironic comment about Google’s search monopoly

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer has never been one to shy away from dismissing every new product from competitors and trashing their business practices and policies, despite it normally being an ironic or poor comment to make. Ballmer attacked Google’s search monopoly and how Bing is the only search engine truly fighting against the Goliath. This

Microsoft Set To Redesign Bing, Skype, And Xbox

Microsoft is reportedly working on rebranding some of its products soon. This was announced at the Design Day 2013 Event in Norway by Windows Phone design studio general manager Albert Shum and Todd Simmons, creative director at Wolff Olins. Both said that Bing, Skype and the Xbox will be getting new logos soon. In their

Bing Translator now on Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 is an impressive operating system and better than Windows Phone 7 in many ways, and it should be because Windows Phone 8 is an evolutionary version of its predecessor. Microsoft has done a great job with the new operating system which has a totally redesigned base structure as compared to Windows Phone

Microsoft Bing Busted By Google Engineers

Somehow the fine engineers in Google’s search department caught wind that Microsoft had been cheating.  Before they confronted Microsoft they wanted to double check what they were hearing. Apparently Microsoft has been watching Internet Explorer users with the Microsoft Bing search bar installed who then search to Google to complete their actual web searches.  Many

Confirmed: Verizon’s first tablet, the Galaxy Tab, is Bing Free

Here’s an update to the epic “bing” saga mentioned on so frequently. This all began when the Samsung Fascinate, A Galaxy S phone, went the route of the Motorola Backflip using another search engine besides “Google Search”. At that time a very reliable soure at Verizon told thedroidguy that Bing would be the default

The Droid Pro’s Bringing Google Back

San Francisco CA- CTIA- Motorola has teamed with Verizon Wireless for the next installment of the ” Droid Branded” family the “Droid Pro”. The Droid Pro is targeted at business users who require the familiarity of a vertical keyboard and extra security for Enterprise and Exchange servers.  The Droid Pro delivers both in a slim,

EXCLUSIVE: Samsung I-400 to Verizon Bing Bing Bing

Pictured here is the upcoming Samsung I-400 headed to Verizon. The bottom shows the secondary display which can carry the time and call related information. There is not much information available except that it has the secondary display and is running Android 2.1 however what is evident and confirmed is this handset is also using

EXCLUSIVE: Verizon HTC Merge is Coming Bing is Default..

I feel like singing “oh where oh where could my google search  be, Verizon took it away from me” Originally reported in an RUU dump by, it is again confirmed that the new HTC Merge on Verizon will come out with Bing as the default search engine instead of Google. Verizon confirmed to

Unlike Yahoo, Bing Search/Maps easily changeable- Says Verizon reported through video on June 30th 2010 that the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate would come stock with the Bing search engine. You may remember back to December 2009 when Verizon started replacing Google search on their Blackberry handsets with Bing. We thought for sure that wouldn’t change on Android devices being that Android is