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App Spotlight: My Tracks

There is nothing like the great outdoors as the old adage goes. Despite the expansion of cities and suburbs into the wilds, there are still some people who would rather spend their time outdoors instead of stuck on the highway. Go figure. Well if nature is what gets you going, but you still want technology to be your guide, download My Tracks by Google.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

My Tracks works off the GPS on your phone to track the steps you take no matter what the plan is. So if it’s hiking that’s on the agenda, no problem, it will keep up with you. It will keep the user up-to-date on a lot of things, such as their latitude and longitude, their current elevation, their total distance traveled, the speed at which they are going, and much more. They can mark their trail as well with way points so that they can remember whether this incline’s gradient is too steep, or simply how beautiful the view was from atop a certain hill. Once the days fun is over, the user can save the track just traveled so it can be repeated another day or so shared with their friends.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

The outdoors are something to be enjoyed by everyone, there are no age or height restrictions, and it is open all day every day. So next time you have the day off, try spending some time outdoors and take your phone with you. My Tracks would love to come along for the ride.