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Ice Cream Sandwich Samsung Device Leaked Before MWC

As we get closer and closer to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, we are going to see more and more leaks.  This one just gets downright confusing though. Samsung has officially said that we won’t see the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S II, at MWC. It seemed that with leaks over the weekend

HTC Cha Cha Changing Name In US, Salsa Not Coming At All?

Wednesday night in New York City we saw Boy Genius Report’s Todd Haselton and Jonathan Geller sneak off into a corner of a trade event with the people from HTC.  This morning they broke the story that the HTC Cha Cha may not be the Cha Cha when it actually gets to the United States

AT&T Responds To Claims That 4G Devices Are Capped

Last week we reported that some disgruntled AT&T customers have taken to using an online petition to find out why an iPhone 4G repeatedly beats the upload speeds of AT&T 4G branded devices.  AT&T made a loose statement earlier in the week wrapped around the face that the technology was emerging and they were working

Not Even 12 Hours In And Verizon Is Going To Throttle Data

The iPhone went on pre-order status on Verizon Wireless this morning at 3:00am ET.  While most of the world waits bated breath to hear the numbers Verizon does as far as selling the iPhone, we are of course curious about it’s impact on Android. Most major news sites are predicting that Android will see a

Boy Genius Report Posts Samsung Vibrant 4G FAKE

There was a lot of hubbub on the interent Monday night when reputable website Boy Genius Report posted two “insider” pics of the new Samsung Vibrant 4G handset.  The Vibrant 4G has been underfire since last week when ran an “inside” story from an alleged unamed T-Mobile tipster who said Samsung was cannabilizing itself