5 Best Smartphones in 2020

We’re not even halfway through 2018, but there have already been several excellent premium and budget smartphone releases, at least a few of which will surely be remembered as the best smartphones of 2018. For this article, we’ve selected 3 premium and 2 budget smartphones released recently to provide you with an overview of the

Jitterbug Smart Unlocked Android Smartphone for Seniors Review

There are a handful of smartphones out there today. While most modern day smartphones come with the same kind of feature set on board, not all of them are similar. The core functionality remains the same, however. I’ve personally noticed that not a lot of seniors (like my grandparents) like using modern day smartphones. The

15 Best Android Smartphones with Removable Battery in 2020

It has become very difficult to find cell phones with removable batteries, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve become completely extinct. We took it upon ourselves to find all smartphones with a removable battery that still hold up to this day, and we’re happy to present our list of the top 15 best Android cell

HTC U11 vs iPhone 8 Best Phone 2020 Comparison

The smartphone industry is currently buzzing with talk of the new Apple iPhone 8, which was announced by Apple just last week. The smartphone, however, isn’t as popular or talked about as the iPhone X, which marks a remarkable shift in Apple’s hardware and design philosophies. But with the iPhone 8 launch this Friday (Sep