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3 Reasons To Buy LG V30 Over Galaxy Note 8

Leaks about the LG V30 have been rampant.  The LG flagship has been rumored all year, and now it is expected to be announced tomorrow, Aug 31st, 2017, at the IFA Conference in Berlin, Germany.  LG is announcing the LG V30 in one of the biggest stage out there.  For those not familiar with the

Jitterbug Smart Unlocked Android Smartphone for Seniors Review

There are a handful of smartphones out there today. While most modern day smartphones come with the same kind of feature set on board, not all of them are similar. The core functionality remains the same, however. I’ve personally noticed that not a lot of seniors (like my grandparents) like using modern day smartphones. The

Essential PH-1 Vs Galaxy S8 Best 2019 Phone Comparison

Andy Rubin, known globally as the father of Android, was responsible behind the launch of the new Essential Phone. This Android smartphone is made using premium materials and has what it takes to compete with the high-end flagships in the market today. But how does it fare against the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is the

5 Best Smartphones in 2019

We’re not even halfway through 2018, but there have already been several excellent premium and budget smartphone releases, at least a few of which will surely be remembered as the best smartphones of 2018. For this article, we’ve selected 3 premium and 2 budget smartphones released recently to provide you with an overview of the

9 Best Android Smartphones with Removable Battery in 2019

According to Statista, one of the world’s largest statistics portals, only 36% of smartphone users are satisfied with a battery life of mobile devices. Yet, a total of 89 percent of respondents agreed that battery life is an important feature on a smartphone. This means that there’s a gaping hole in the market filled with

5 Best Verizon Wireless Phones For Less Than $25 A Month

Verizon is one of the largest networks in the U.S. This means that no matter which part of the U.S. you’re in, you’re more likely to get high-speed coverage from Verizon than with any other provider. The carrier offers a vast range of smartphones, including all the new flagships that were launched by the OEMs.

Essential PH-1 Vs Galaxy Note 8 Best 2019 Phone Comparison

Today, we are comparing two striking bezel-less smartphones from two strikingly different companies: Essential PH-1 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The Essential Phone was created by Andy Rubin, who is a co-founder and former CEO of Android. Essential wants to create an ecosystem of elegantly simple yet powerful smartphones and easy-to-use accessories that connect through

Doogee BL5000 Sleek Budget Large Battery Smartphone Review

The originally Spanish company Doogee has been a major player on the budget Android market for the past few years, releasing smartphones characterized by a balance of performance, design, and price. Doogee’s latest Android smartphone, the BL5000, is now available for sale, and it seems like it could be the right choice for anyone who’s

HTC U11 vs iPhone 8 Best Phone 2019 Comparison

The smartphone industry is currently buzzing with talk of the new Apple iPhone 8, which was announced by Apple just last week. The smartphone, however, isn’t as popular or talked about as the iPhone X, which marks a remarkable shift in Apple’s hardware and design philosophies. But with the iPhone 8 launch this Friday (Sep