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Best Selfie Phone

5 Best Selfie Phones in 2019

Smartphones are everywhere. Given the competition in the mobile industry, almost everyone in the world owns or at least knows about them. One area where modern day smartphones have evolved is with regards to the camera quality and performance. Gone are the days when mobile camera would capture grainy photos and videos. Today, there are

5 Best Camera Phones for Photography Enthusiasts and Selfies

The latest sales charts show that point-and-shoot cameras are about to become obsolete, and it’s all happening because of smartphones. These days, you can get a pretty great smartphone for just around $300, and it will come with not one but two high-definition cameras with the same resolution as found on many point-and-shoot cameras in

5 Best Android Phones So Far In 2019

While it’s not particularly hard to pick the best smartphone of the year, the idea of “best” can be pretty vague. Keeping this in mind, one has to be sure about what they’re looking for. Because what one person considers the best might not be that great for another user. Keeping this in mind, we’re