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Google Pixel 2 vs Moto X4 best Project Fi phone comparison

Each year, Google comes up with a new phone that offers users the best of Android. However, in 2015, the company decided to start a mobile network. This carrier, named Project Fi, runs on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks (with help from T-Mobile, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, and Three). Interested in switching to Google Project Fi

5 Best Smartphones in 2019

We’re not even halfway through 2018, but there have already been several excellent premium and budget smartphone releases, at least a few of which will surely be remembered as the best smartphones of 2018. For this article, we’ve selected 3 premium and 2 budget smartphones released recently to provide you with an overview of the

Google Pixel 2 Versus Moto X4 Best Project Fi Phone 2019

If you would like to try Google’s mobile virtual network operator, Project Fi, you have one massive hurdle to overcome: you need a Project Fi-compatible smartphone. Right now, the selection of Fi-compatible smartphones is very slim. At the top end, there’s the Google Pixel 2, which is a premium smartphone with one of the highest