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Top 5 Drones For Kids

If you’re looking to pick up the best drone for your child, there’s not a single drone out there that’s a “one size fits all.” In fact, drones for your children should be a little more cost effective, and thus less feature-rich, just in case they dive one into a tree at full speed or

5 best robotics for kids in 2019

Robots are fun to play around with. These little friends have come into prominence thanks to excessive use in cinema and TV. Naturally, kids would want to own one of these and the manufacturers humbly oblige with several robotic offerings of their own. We’re going to talk about five of the best robots available for

5 Best Android Tablets for Toddler Kids

In this article, we are looking at top 5 Android tablets for toddlers and small kids. All tablets on this list have several things in common: they are very affordable, they sport a simplified user interface, and put emphasis on educational apps and family-friendly content. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a regular Android tablet

Fun Products to Help Teach Kids How to Code to Create Mobile Apps

All parents want to give their children the right skills and knowledge they might need on their journey through life. As our society becomes increasingly more digitized, this often means teaching them computer science and coding. The problem is that small kids are driven by their imagination, and staring at a computer screen filled with

5 best games for toddler kids in 2019

While there are mobile apps for everyone, finding the best app for your child or toddler can be a difficult task. This is due to a variety of reasons ranging from the content that they are exposed to and the fact that most apps are merely out there to milk money off their customers. But

5 best apps for kids in 2019

Kids back in the day didn’t really have a lot of gadgets or devices to keep themselves acquainted with. But that has changed significantly today with the advent of mobile devices. There are apps and games designed specifically for kids, to ensure that they have a conducive environment for learning and creating innovative things using

YouTube Kids

YouTube for Kids now available on Android

The YouTube for Kids app is now available on Android and iOS devices. Google calls this “the first Google product built from the ground up with little ones in mind.” The app comes with a kid friendly user interface and has content tailored specifically for children. There will be content from the likes of Reading