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Best cheap 10 inch Android tablets available today

Are Android tablets on their sure way to extinction, caught in an inescapable chokehold by rapidly soaring phablets and slowly recovering conventional Windows PCs? Hard to cast a definitive verdict, but even Apple’s mighty iPads seem to be losing steam, as iPhones close the size gap. What’s crystal clear is Google-endorsed slates have trouble standing

5 Best Cheap Refurbished Tablet in 2019

If you want a tablet that’s out of your budget, you can either wait until you save enough money or look on eBay or Craigslist for a used one, right? Not quite! You can also look for a professionally refurbished unit sold at a discounted price. Why Buy Refurbished Electronics? In many people’s minds, the

Amazon Fire HD 6 Tablet Review

So many tablets aimed at casual users get it completely wrong. The manufacturers think that just because their target audience isn’t tech geeks or mobile gaming aficionados they can get away with selling underperforming hardware that’s virtually obsolete the day it hits the market. Amazon knows better, and their smallest tablet, the Fire HD 6,

Best small (7-inch) Android tablets available today

Winter is coming, and with it, comes possibly the most fruitful time of the year for both electronics retailers and tech consumers. Yes, you can find compelling promotions on Android gear from January to December nowadays, as competition heats up, manufacturer profits shrink, and upgrade cycles are shortened. But the best deals on smartphones, tablets,