7 Best Survival Games in 2020 For Android

Survival games have the tendency to keep you hooked for prolonged intervals. But how do you pick the best ones out there? It’s not that simple given the versatility of the Android platform. So it’s imperative that you have access to the best games out there so that your experience isn’t hindered in any way.

5 best offline puzzle strategy games in 2020

People spend their free time in a varieties of ways. Some like to listen to music, while others kill time with games. Gaming is a massive industry, especially in the world of mobile, given how advanced the hardware is getting each year, better and improved games are coming through each year. However, there are some

7 Best Android Games for Chromebook in 2020

If you own a Chromebook with support for Play Store apps, like the excellent Asus Chromebook Flip C302, you have access to a wealth of both casual and hardcore games. From ports of legendary PC and console games to brand-new IPs that feature innovative control schemes and gameplay mechanics—Android gaming has a lot to offer

5 Best MOBA Android Games in 2020

Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games are by far the most popular sub-genre of real-time strategy games. You need the best MOBA Android games because they are becoming increasingly more popular on Android smartphones and tablets. Their click-based control schemes work great with touchscreen displays, and modern mobile GPUs have no problem with rendering epic

5 Best Android Games in 2020

We know how difficult it can be to pick something great to play from Play Store. Not that there’s a shortage of games on Android—quite the opposite! Every month, so many play-worthy games are added to Play Store that it’s very easy to miss those few hidden gems that deserve your time and money the

5 Best Puzzle Games in 2020 For Your Android Device

Games are a nice way to kill time. However, finding the best one can be quite an ask, especially given the number of games that are out there. Some of the best games are the ones that keep you hooked and put your mind to work. Again, there are quite a handful of games out