Mystery Surrounding Sony’s Bert Nordberg Revealed

Last week we brought you this story about Sony’s corporate restructuring involving their newly formed Sony Mobile Communications unit. Under the restructuring Sony Mobile was placed under the supervision of Sony’s Vaio unit in an effort to build on their new One Sony corporate strategy.  Sony has reported this morning that Kunimasa Suzuki will officially

Sony Ericsson LT28at For AT&T Leaked With 13 Mega Pixel Camera

If you just got done reading our story on the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S III and it’s 12 megapixel camera, well hold onto your horses because Sony Ericsson is outdoing that camera with a 13 megapixel camera onboard a new Android phone. The best part? It’s headed to AT&T. The Sony Ericsson LT28at is headed

Sony Ericsson CEO Sticking By Android

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who hasn’t owned or currently owned a Sony product. Whether it be a walkman back in the 80’s or 90’s or a television or a PS3, Sony has been a firm innovator in technology.  Sony Ericsson however seems to be struggling as a competitor in the Android OS

Ericsson Suing ZTE Over Devices And Infrastructure

Swedish company Ericsson (half of the Sony Ericsson empire) has sued ZTE over several patent infringements that involve both handsets and infrastructure. A spokesman for Ericsson said they have filed lawsuits in Britain, Germany, and Italy against Chinese equipment maker ZTE after they tried settling out of court by making ZTE sign a patent licensing

Sony Ericsson CEO Renews Faith In Android And United States

On Sunday at MWC Sony Ericsson’s CEO Bert Nordberg sat down with CNET’s Marguerite Reardon and talked about their renewed strategy with Android at the forefront as well as the US market. Sony Ericsson is a partnership between Japanese electronics giant Sony and the Swedish telecommunications equipment maker Ericsson.  Back in the 90’s Ericsson actually