5 Best Cheap 144Hz Monitor In 2020

Are you looking for a good way to increase the size of your Chromebook screen? Or maybe you want a high-definition way to watch content off of your Fire TV stick or another media stick, such as what Roku is offering. Well, you can meet either of those needs with a good TV, but if

5 Best Cheap Monitors For Chromebooks In 2020

Many Chromebooks come with some great displays; however, they’re not always the best for productivity because of how small they are. Chromebooks are designed to be portable, but sometimes that can be a little inhibiting when trying to work on a small screen. Luckily, most Chromebooks have a way to connect up to a monitor

5 Best Cheap 4K Monitor In 2020

A good monitor can benefit you in a lot of ways. Traditionally, they’ve been used to extend displays of laptops and have been used as primary displays for desktop PCs. A 4K monitor usually provides you with high definition detail that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. However, they’re good for a lot more than just

5 Best Cheap Gaming Monitor In 2020

If you’re looking for a cheap way to blow up your screen on your Android device or Chromebook, look no further than a gaming monitor. There’s a view that gaming monitors are super expensive, but the fact is, any consumer can afford to pick one up. Since the advent of 4K technology, and with 4K

BenQ F52

BenQ F52 to be shown off with a Snapdragon 810 SoC at the MWC

When we talk about smartphones, manufacturers like BenQ barely strike our minds. But that might be changing soon with the company’s F52 smartphone being announced ahead of the MWC event in Barcelona. Unlike most smartphones from little known mobile OEMs, this device will be packing top of the line hardware, with the highlight being the

BenQ F5

BenQ launches two new midrange Android smartphones

Taiwanese manufacturer BenQ has just announced two new budget ranged smartphones called the F5 and the T3. As these are low cost offerings, the specs sheet is nothing to write home about, but that’s not necessarily a concern as pricing is the key selling point here. The T3 is the smallest of the two and

BenQ F3

BenQ launches two new midrange smartphones in Taiwan

BenQ bowed down from the smartphone business last year, or so we thought. The electronics giant is at it again, as it has launched a couple of new Android handsets. Although these smartphones are far from being high end, we expect them to sell well granted they are marketed appropriately. For the time being, these