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Beats Audio will continue supporting several new HTC devices

The much hyped Beats Audio-HTC split was finally confirmed by Beats last week, but there was still no clarification on whether upcoming HTC models (like the One Max for example) will come with Beats Audio tech inside. The President of Beats, Mr. Luke Wood has now cleared that up in an interview with He said

Beats Electronics buys HTC’s 25% Stake In Company Back

Over the summer, rumors surfaced that Beats Electronics was looking to end its partnership with HTC. It looks like those rumors have panned out, as today Beats has announced it has bought HTC’s stake in them for $265 million. Originally, HTC had a 50.1% stake in the company back in 2011, but that was reduced in

Beats Audio Will Launch a Music Streaming Service in Late 2013

The evolution of technology has gotten us far ahead. One such evolution is in terms of music and how we handle it. Today with the digitalization of music, users don’t really have to walk into a store and purchase a physical disc to listen to his/her favorite album. In the current era have something known

HTC sells its stakes in Beats Audio

Last year, Taiwanese mobile manufacturer HTC acquired 51% majority share in Beats Audio for $300 million. It was one of the biggest moves by Taiwanese manufacturer. Post-acquisition, the mobile manufacturer started bundling its phones with Beats Audio software along with high quality beats headphones in the market, which had music junkies jamming. HTC Sensation XE

HTC To Stop Packaging Beats Headphones

We just brought you the story of HTC’s horrible fiscal Q2 of 2012, now we’re hearing even more bad news from many people’s favorite Android phone manufacturers. Well that was short lived, and 300 million dollars later HTC has announced that they are no longer going to package Beats by Dre headphones with their smartphones.

HTC Drops It Low (real low) With Profit. Sales Drop 35 Percent

HTC has released their Q1 fiscal year financial figures Friday and it wasn’t a pretty picture. The results announced Friday morning in Taiwan are the lowest they’ve seen since they rocketed to become a top 3 Android OEM two years ago. Overall HTC reported profits were down 70% to roughly $148 million dollars while sales

Beats Audio Ported To Any Rooted Gingerbread Phone

Late last year when HTC announced a partnership with Beats Audio, it quickly got the Android world talking. Beats by Dre have risen to be one of the most popular lines of consumer headphones ever. HTC has teamed up with beats audio to bring some of the best aspects of Beats by Dre headphones to

Beats Audio Coming To All HTC Sense 4.0 Devices

Sunday was one helluva day for HTC at Mobile World Congress. They announced their HTC One line of Android phones including the HTC One X headed to AT&T and the HTC One S headed to T-Mobile. HTC announced that their new flagship line of phones was headed out to 140 carriers globally, Verizon and Sprint

Beats & Monster Breaking Up,What About HTC?

When Dr. Dre started off his musical career his first big group was the World Class Wrecking Crew. After that he joined hands with the Easy E and Ren and Ice Cube with NWA. After a very public break up of NWA, Dr. Dre joined forces with Snoop Doggy Dogg and most recently in the