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Video showing BBM on Android surfaces

BBM is an integral part of BlackBerry’s survival, the company’s messaging service once ruled the roost, but with the lack of BlackBerry users and the company keeping the messaging service locked onto their phones, the usage has declined. This year, CEO Thorsten Heins announced BBM would be coming to the two other major mobile operating

BBM reportedly coming to Android and iOS at the end of next month

BlackBerry announced their messaging service, BBM, would be coming to Android and iOS in the summer. This came as BlackBerry started to think about other options, including the possible sale of the company and assets. Since the announcement, there has been no release date from BlackBerry and it has got to the point developers are

BlackBerry may spin off BBM into its own company

With the downfall of BlackBerry and BB10 not gaining enough traction to really make a mark, the company may look at spinning off their biggest app, BBM. The messaging service would become a subsidiary of BlackBerry and that way it would be easier to market to potential buyers, who may not want to buy the

Samsung Releases BlackBerry Messenger Ad For Samsung Galaxy Devices

Samsung announced earlier this month that it will be offering the BlackBerry Messenger service to its Galaxy smartphones in Africa.  The scheduled release depends on when BlackBerry will be able to release the BBM for Android app. Recent developments show that the company is now advertising the service as seen by a YouTube video post

BBM for Android user manual leaked out

A user manual of the upcoming BBM for Android app has been spotted in the wild by N4BB. This manual, much like any other user guide is meant to help users with the working and features of the app. It’s a pretty lengthy PDF file providing all the inputs on what certain icons stand for

Samsung will offer BBM for Android via Samsung Apps

Samsung has just issued a statement mentioning that the upcoming BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) app for Android will be made available through its app hub known as Samsung Apps. Although Samsung is referring to Africa in its statement, it is pretty obvious that all Samsung users across the globe will be able to access the app.

BBM for Android

Early pictures of BBM for Android leak out

A couple of sources have just posted images of the BlackBerry Messenger a.k.a the BBM app running on an Android smartphone. The images reveal nothing we don’t know about BBM, as the UI seems to be directly borrowed from the BlackBerry 10 OS with all the gesture patterns in place. BBM for Android is claimed

Why BlackBerry is launching BBM for Android and iOS

Why is BlackBerry seeding BBM to Apple iOS and Google Android? It is part of their strategy to take down Windows Phone. BlackBerry was placed on death watch in the middle of 2012. Rapidly slowing sales was the reason. In the last quarter of 2012, BlackBerry sold just over 7.3 million handsets, representing 3.5% of

WhatsApp Hits New Record = 27 Billion Messages in a Day!

When it comes to instant messengers, the ideal situation is that there be only one, which works on all platforms. Really, who wants to have to use iMessage to contact Lily, Google Hangouts to contact Marshall, Facebook Messenger to contact Ted, Viber to contact Robin and BlackBerry Messenger to contact Barney? At some point, a

BBM may come preinstalled on select android devices

When Blackberry announced that they were planning to launch their famous BBM for non blackberry users, we were clearly surprised. This was one of the most unexpected news of the year. BBM was the trademark of all Blackberry phones and hence we never expected to make it to any other phones. In a recent interview

BlackBerry Live

BBM expected to hit the App Store on June 27th

BBM is finally coming to other platforms and it is expected to arrive in the Apple app store and the Google play store on June 27th, this information comes from a tweet from T-Mobile UK. The download will be free for anyone running iOS 6 and Android 4.0 or higher so if you want to

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BlackBerry Announce BBM is coming to Android and iOS in the Summer

BlackBerry has announced that their popular messaging service BBM will break the shackles and will become a cross platform messaging service. The timing is a little later than the rumours had indicated but non the less this will be an interesting move for the mobile company, since the hit app Whatsapp is dominating the messaging

More Users Choosing Instant Messager Apps Over SMS

Mobile carriers have been weary about the ever growing popularity of Instant messaging apps over the past few years by offering special deals that include unlimited texts. It seems that all of the deals in the world couldn’t prevent the this out come from happening. SMS losing out to IP-based Services  In 2012 19 billion

BBM Video calling feature in action

BlackBerry 10 will be launched in less than 3 weeks, and as a result we are having a lot many leaks on RIM’s latest platform that will supposedly change the game for RIM and their BlackBerry brand. BlackBerry has certainly lost the appeal which it used to have few years ago. Thanks to the early