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BBM Claims To Have 20 Million Active Users on Android and iOS

BlackBerry Messenger is quickly gaining more users after being out for only a week. After getting downloaded 10 million times in the first 24 hours and dropping the wait list this weekend, BlackBerry has announced that BBM now has 20 million active users on Android and iOS. That’s a lot of active users for an

BBM for Android soon getting audio and video chat feature

There’s no denying that the BBM apps for Android and iOS have created quite a buzz in the mobile world with the demand surging substantially over the last week or so. However, the app is still limited in functionality compared to the native BlackBerry client, as it lacks certain features like audio and video chat. But

BBM for Android update brings support for “additional Android devices”

BlackBerry has just updated the Android version of the BBM app bringing some bug fixes and much needed support for other Android devices. We’re guessing this will bring support for Android 4.0+ devices as BlackBerry has merely mentioned “additional Android devices” in its update changelog and nothing more. With the amount of hype and buzz surrounding

You’ve got BBM for Android. Now what?

You may have heard that BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for Android and iOS is out. Chances are, you’ve already installed the app on your Android smartphone. You might either be a former BlackBerry user who wants to have a piece of the good old days of BBM instant messaging, or a new user curious about what

BBM app downloaded over 5 million times within 8 hours

The demand for the new BBM app is well known to us. And even with its new queuing system for new users, it hasn’t gone down one bit as users inch to get their BBM on. BlackBerry announced the roll out of the BBM app yesterday on Android and iOS devices with a waiting list

3 things Apple, Samsung and everyone else can learn from BlackBerry

BlackBerry is on the decline. There’s no question about that. From being a dominant smartphone platform in the better part of the 1990’s and early 2000’s, the dominance of BlackBerry (formerly Research-in-Motion) had been challenged when Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, and when Android started its meteoric rise shortly thereafter. Now BlackBerry accounts for

BBM for Android not rolling out this week

The BBM apps for Android and iOS devices have eluded us all over the weekend, with countless delays and the eventual pause in roll out being announced. And now, BlackBerry has briefly mentioned that the app won’t be launching anytime this week. This is a major setback for people eagerly waiting to get their hands

Rollout of BBM apps “paused” by BlackBerry

BlackBerry has just cleared the air about the delay in the roll out of the BBM apps for Android and iOS. As we mentioned yesterday, BlackBerry urged fans to remain patient as it sorts out the roll out issues, but it now seems like there will be another substantial delay. In a new statement released by

BBM for Android gets delayed further

The BlackBerry Messenger app for Android and iOS was set to go live today, but it seems like some unforeseen issues have caused a delay. Instead, there are plenty of fake BBM apps making its way to the Play Store which have fooled users worldwide. And now, BlackBerry has come up with a word on

Fake BBM for Android apps

Fake BBM for Android apps flood Google Play

Plenty of fake BBM for Android apps are now on Google Play. A search for “BBM” on Google Play currently yields the following results: BBM for Android by Mobile Freakz, BBM Messenger for Android by Blackberry BBM Messenger, Messenger for Android by Messenger for Android, BBM Messenger Free by Blackberry BBM Messenger, BBM Messenger Pro

BBM set to launch on Android this Friday, iOS on Saturday

BlackBerry has been silent on launch dates for BBM, the messaging service currently only available on BlackBerry devices, but a new rumor says the company will launch the app on Android this Friday, with the iOS launch happening a day later. Indonesian website TeknoUp has published an invite to the BBM launch event on Thursday, September