BlackBerry earnings call shows 2.7 million Q10 and Z10 devices shipped

BlackBerry recently trumpeted a profit last quarter, surprising many investors and leaving others questioning if BlackBerry could continue the success or if this was a one off. It seems this quarter has a little more bad news, BlackBerry has had a little loss but more importantly they released numbers on devices sold. The company shipped

Android Jelly Bean

BlackBerry 10.2 will support Android Jelly Bean apps

BlackBerry will be making a huge leap with the Android OS with the next update, 10.2. The new BB10 update will now allow users to download Android Jelly Bean apps and below onto their BlackBerry device. The BlackBerry OS has the power to install and run Android applications, something both Windows and iOS have yet

BlackBerry Z10 teardown reveals internal components

Blackberry recently announced two new devices, BlackBerry Z10 and Q10. The Q10 comes with a hardware qwerty keyboard and hasn’t been launched yet due to reasons best known to Blackberry. Z10 on the other hand is a full touch screen device, much like the iPhone and Android devices. The Canadian smartphone manufacturer wants its share

No Budget Model BlackBerry 10 Coming This Year

Now that the BlackBerry Z10 has been released into the market a lot of people are expecting BlackBerry to come up with another model running on BlackBerry 10 that will cater to the budget conscious consumer. The company however said that they won’t be discontinuing BB7 anytime soon which means that the budget models might

BlackBerry Q10 will come in May or June

Blackberry recently launched two new BlackBerry 10 devices, Blackberry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10. The Z10 is a full touchscreen device, just like the iPhone, whereas the Q10 comes with a hardware qwerty keyboard that the BB brand is popular for. The Z10 has gone on sale in U.K., and it is supposedly selling really well,

Unofficial BlackBerry 10 advert

BlackBerry is back with a bang. The company officially announced two new Blackberry 10 devices, BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 on January 30th. For the past few weeks, BlackBerry has generated a lot of buzz. It is being talked about on Twitter a lot, and we have been posting about BlackBerry devices too. Now that

BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 availability details

After the lengthy preparation for launch, BlackBerry has finally unveiled Z10 and Q10, the two upcoming devices from BlackBerry that will be running BlackBerry 10 OS. With so much of preparedness, we expected BlackBerry to bring this device to the US as early as late-February, but apparently that’s not the case. BlackBerry Z10 will be

Carphone Warehouse to offer unlocked BlackBerry Z10 for £480

RIM will be launching the all new BlackBerry 10 platform on January 30th. It is said that RIM will be launching two new devices, BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry X10 at the launch event. The BlackBerry Z10 is a full touch screen device whereas the BlackBerry X10 comes with the signature hardware keyboard from BlackBerry. Both

BlackBerry Z10 compared against Apple iPhone 5 (video) RIM will be launching its all new BlackBerry 10 platform in a few days. Along with the platform, the Canadian company will also be launching two new devices booting the platform. After looking at a chain of leaks and rumors regarding the devices that will be launched this month, the devices are expected to

Why BlackBerry 10 will succeed? – Part 2

Continuation of Why BlackBerry 10 will succeed? 1)      Attracting developers: RIM understands the value of apps and has been trying all methods to have their app store filled with apps. As you know, BlackBerry 10 is an all new platform, the company must ensure that BlackBerry App World has good number of apps. Android has more

Why BlackBerry 10 will succeed?

RIM has been doing bad in past few months, and in last quarter it actually lost its subscribers, down to 79 million from 80 million. The company has laid down a lot of employees, restructured the organization and invested $2.9 billion in the upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform, so the company cannot afford to fail. It’s

BlackBerry X10 won’t be able to run all apps at launch

The launch of BlackBerry 10 on January 30th is a major event in the smartphone industry. RIM is going to redefine the BlackBerry brand with this all new platform. Along with the platform, RIM will also launch 2 new devices based on this platform. For any smartphone platform to be successful in today’s smartphone market,

BlackBerry 10 to launch with 70k apps

BlackBerry 10 platform launch is on 30th of this month, and it is turning into a major event in the smartphone arena this year. After all BlackBerry is making a comeback because it has been a laughingstock of last year and BlackBerry 10 is going to build reputation for Research In Motion. The comeback will


RIM is aiming to launch six BB10 devices this year

RIM will be officially launching BlackBerry 10 platform and two new devices at a press conference that is going to be held on January 30th. Among the initial devices that will be launched, one will be touchscreen and other one will come with a full QWERTY hardware keyboard. RIM has revealed that it will be

BlackBerry 10 rumors round-up

I find myself writing a lot about rumors surrounding the upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform that RIM is going to launch on January 30th at a press conference. Here’s a roundup of some of the most important rumors about BB10: 1. The first BlackBerry 10 phone is said to be BlackBerry Z10. We have already seen

Screenshots of Twitter and Google Talk for BlackBerry 10 leaked

RIM will be launching its all new platform at a press conference on January 30th. Along with the platform itself, the Canadian company is also launching a device that will be using this platform. For any mobile platform to succeed, the only thing that matters is apps, and RIM seems to have that under control.