Intel chips for entry-level tablets

Intel chips for entry-level tablets to arrive in Q1 2014

Intel chips for entry-level tablets will be available in the coming year, according to a new report from Taiwanese supply chain sources. This information is indicated in the company’s roadmap, which says that its new chip series will be present in tablets as early as the first quarter of 2014. 7-inch tablets with prices between

Intel Bay Trail

Intel Bay Trail stacks up nicely against Tegra 4

Intel has not been the victor in the mobile market just yet, with Qualcomm taking the largest slice of the pie with their Snapdragon range of processors and other manufacturers like MediaTek and Nvidia set to scramble over the remains. Bay Trail is set to change things for Intel, with the new small mobile processor

Microsoft Could Go the Intel Way for Windows Phones in the Future

There’s little word on where Intel processors are heading, at least in the field of smartphones and tablets. Intel Atom based smartphones haven’t fared that well in the market (there are only a few to begin with), so we are expecting Intel to spice things up in the mobile chipset department this year. And the