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iOS 6.0.2 Facing Battery Drain Issue?

The iPhones have traditionally had a good battery life when compared to Android, and that is because there aren’t many memory intrinsic apps running in the background and also because the power consumption is generally less on iOS (unless you’re on LTE). But things have changed today and most Android devices are on par or

LG Nexus 4 Battery Life Isn’t That Great At All

We are all really excited for November 13th when Google will be launching most and if not all of its Nexus devices, specifically the LG manufactured Nexus 4. Concerns about this device don’t lay with the hardware, but the battery life specifically. Sadly, early results and looks at the battery aren’t fairing that well. Based

Your First Android Device: Saving Battery Life [How To]

Battery life has been something that has been terrible in recent updates to Ice Cream Sandwich. Thankfully there are ways that will help you save battery life, even though Ice Cream Sandwich has reduced it drastically on a lot of devices, such as the Atrix 2. I’ve noticed with my Atrix 2 and its recent

So Is Motorola’s Maxx Battery Actually Better?

Based on the headline I’m sure there will be many people out there that actually say yes. Of course with the Droid Razr Maxx giving users 20 or so hours of battery life vs the original Motorola Droid Razr, which gives about 8 hours, the Droid Razr Maxx Battery seems much better. But is it?

Future Tech: Harvesting energy through your footwear

A pair of mechanical engineers from University of Wisconsin in Madison have designed a system to harvest some of the energy that is lost while we walk.    Ashley Taylor and Tom Krupenkin, authors of “Reverse electrowetting as a new approach to high-power energy harvesting” published here on August 23, 2011;  have founded InStep NanoPower in

Texas Instruments Making Battery Life A Priority

Sometimes people don’t realize in their smartphone they are carrying a mini computer capable of doing things we could only dream about, even back at the start of the new millennium.  Battery life is often the most talked about issue when it comes to any smartphone, but it’s especially plagued the Android user. Good battery