Dual SIM Moto G headed to Australia

The Moto G was announced as a phone that would come in both single and dual SIM variants, but it’s only been the single SIM model that’s been available for purchase since launch. That could change soon, at least in Australia, as the country’s version of the Motorola website now lists the dual SIM version

LG Optimus F5 Goes Way Under Expected Price

The revealed pricing of the LG Optimus F5 will definitely put a wide smile on every customer’s face. According to TechRadar, the phone is being offered by the company for only less than $300. This is truly a great deal considering that its features are something that you can find in high-end smartphones. Pricing The

Vodafone Australia says NO to BB10 devices

Blackberry launched an all new platform and two new devices yesterday. The devices include BlackBerry Z10 and Blackberry Q10. The Q10 is equipped with hardware qwerty keyboard and will make it to the market some time later in April, whereas the Z10 is readily available in U.K. The Z10 will make it to U.S. shores

Follow Up: Samsung Denies Any Involvement In Wake Up Protest

Earlier this week Elijah brought us the story about a flash mob protest at an Apple store in Australia. Apparently mobs of people dressed in all black got off buses that said “Wake Up”, on the sides of them. The people were all holding up signs and chanting “Wake Up” in front of the Apple

Huawei Banned From Bidding On Australian Broadband Network Project

Like many other OEM’s Huawei has a division for handsets and devices and a second division for networking infrastructure. Last year both Huawei and ZTE came under fire by the US government which was fearful because of the Chinese companies ties to the Chinese military. Australia is currently building out a giant national broadband network

Apple Grasping At Straws Or Shall We Say, Cases?

On Monday morning in a German court Samsung’s lawyers went back to the drawing board and added more to their patent infringement case against Apple. On Tuesday Apple made a very interesting move in the land down under as they’ve added cases to their patent infringement case in Australia against Samsung. No we aren’t talking

Samsung Wins Appeal In Australia

Samsung has won an appeal in Australia and can now sell their Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australian stores. A three judge appeal panel in Australian court approved the appeal which was handed down by Federal Court Justice Lindsay Foster. The appeal goes back to an October 13th decision by Judge Anabelle Bennett who originally granted

Apple Wins Injunction Against Samsung In Australia

It doesn’t look good for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the land down under. Justice Annabelle Bennett, read from a summary judgement text in Sydney Australia Thursday.  She said that she weighed both sides of this patent argument to see who would suffer more while the entire patent case is being prepared. Bennett said

Samsung’s Galaxy Note Headed To Australia In Q1

Samsung may be having trouble getting their favorite Galaxy Tab 10.1 into Australian retailers but so far no one has challenged the Samsung Galaxy Note.  For those who haven’t heard, Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy Note at IFA last month. It’s a 5″ phoneblet that comes with a stylus/digial pen that slides into the device.

Apple Rejects Samsung’s Deal Proposal In Australia

The patent war between Apple and Samsung has intensified. That didn’t stop Samsung from peacefully going to the table and trying to negotiate with Apple in Australia though.  Samsung had said that they would consider amicably resolving a possible injunction down under with Apple.  Samsung went as far as to suggest they would take out

Toshiba’s 7″ Thrive Is Going Down Under First For $450

Earlier this week Toshiba announced a new 7″ version of their highly productive Toshiba Thrive tablet.  The honeycomb beast of a 7″ machine will reach the United States in December, according to Toshiba’s US Press folks, however it looks like it’s heading to Australia first. Unwired is reporting that the 7″ Thrive will be released

Australian Court Wants iPad Numbers Before Final Ruling

As you’ve probably noticed by now anywhere you turn Apple is suing someone over their patents.  Last week we learned that Apple feels Android goes all the way back to 1992 and Andy Rubin’s days working for Apple. In their lawsuit against Samsung in Australia, Apple has been granted a preliminary injunction. This means that