Will Austin Get The New Google Fiber?

It looks like Google Fiber, a service that offers 1Gbps broadband Internet service, is headed towards Austin in Texas, a report from CNET said. Google and the government of Austin invited the press and business leaders for a joint event on April 9 at 11 a.m. Both the company and the Austin administration didn’t say

Bizzy Challenges The Droid Guy to Check Out South By South West

We had lunch today with the folks from Bizzy. Bizzy is a new location based app, but better than that they are looking to change the paradigm from the traditional check in apps. Sure everyone “changes the paradigm” we must have seen 1390493 game changers since we got into Austin for South By South West. 

HTC & Texas Instruments join the Android Barbecue Roster

Austin TX- Ok Here it comes are you ready:  Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 2 months than undoubtedly you’ve heard about the Big Android Barbecue, if you haven’t get here now https://www.androidbarbecue.com The weekend of October 1-3 nearly 1000 Android fans, enthusiasts, developers, app developers, carriers, partners, and vendors will