Happy T-Day T-Mobile

It was reported very early this morning by theverge.com that AT&T’s application for a $39 billion dollar purchase of T-Mobile has been withdrawn. It was also reported that AT&T has decided to take a $4 billion dollar pre-tax charge on it’s Q4 2011 accountancy sheet. $3 billion of that is to go to T-Mobile as

Judge Clears The Way For Sprint & C-Spire To Sue AT&T

U.S. District Court Judge, Ellen Huvelle has agreed to allow both Sprint and C-Spire to move forward with their lawsuits against AT&T to block the $39 billion dollar proposed merger between AT&T and T-Mobile.  AT&T had originally sought to have those suits dismissed. Huvelle is allowing Sprint to move forward with their injury claims about

DOJ Sues To Block AT&T/T-Mobile Merger; AT&T Reacts

The Department of Justice has sued to stop the $39 billion dollar buy out of T-Mobile by the second largest wireless carrier in the United States, AT&T. When AT&T first announced their intention to buy T-Mobile back in March of this year they felt there wouldn’t be any major snafus when it came to federal

Sprint Doubles Lobbying Spend To Stop AT&T/T-Mobile Deal

Last month we reported that AT&T had already spent $7 million dollars in lobbying efforts to secure their deal to purchase 4th place wireless carrier T-Mobile.  At that time Sprint had reportedly only spent $583,000 in lobbying efforts to oppose the same deal. Adweek is reporting that by the end of the second half of

9 States Subpoena Sprint Over AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

The AT&T/T-Mobile merger is currently undergoing the government regulatory process. The proposed purchase of T-Mobile by AT&T for $39Billion dollars needs to be approved by the FCC and the Department of Justice. The FCC has been collecting information from all the parties involved or affected by the proposed meger. Sprint has of course been the