AT&T Expands 4G LTE Network To Five New Markets

AT&T is very close to Verizon for matching their LTE coverage. Today, AT&T has expanded their LTE network to five new networks, making LTE coverage available for 280 million Americans. Here is the list of new networks: Ketchikan, Alaska Maui, Hawaii Cambridge, Ohio Meadville, Pa. Parkersburg-Marietta, W. Va. and Ohio AT&T also says that they

AT&T Turns On LTE For 12 New Markets

AT&T and Verizon have both seemed to have reached the point of only having smaller markets left to give LTE to. Today, AT&T has announced that they are giving LTE to 12 new markets across the US, bringing their service to 300,000 new people. The largest market in today’s batch of LTE is¬†Bismark, North Dakota,

AT&T Adds International LTE Roaming In 13 New Countries

Here’s some good news for you international travelers. AT&T has announced today that it is bringing LTE roaming to users who travel to the following countries: Antigua Australia Barbuda France Guam Hong Kong Japan Malaysia Russia Singapore South Korea Spain Switzerland This brings the total number of LTE roaming countries up to 15, since AT&T