Fixing AT&T Galaxy S3 (i747) Problems and Errors [Part 3]

This is apparently the third part of our AT&T Galaxy S3 Problems and Solutions and since we still have hundreds of AT&T customers who emailed us, you will be reading a lot of articles like this in the following weeks. If you own a Galaxy S3, we have already published fifteen parts you may want

AT&T Galaxy S3 Problems, Errors and Ways To Fix Them [Part 2]

This is apparently the second part of our AT&T Galaxy S3 (i747) Problems and Solutions. The issues aggregated in this post are among the most common concerns AT&T customers complain about when calling the carrier’s support hotline. We don’t wish to compete with the support¬†AT&T provides to its customers. Rather, we want to make it

AT&T Galaxy S3 (i747) Android 4.3 Problems and Solutions

UPDATE: I just published the second part of this series: AT&T Galaxy S3 (i747) Problems, Errors and Ways To Fix Them [Part 2]. If your concerns weren’t addressed in this post, visit the second part as I may have included them there. Thanks. This post, of course, is intended for AT&T subscribers who own a

AT&T Galaxy S3 User Problems After Android 4.3 Update

I started our Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems and Solutions series about a week ago and I already published two parts. After that, we did receive hundreds of emails from our readers who need help. I find it impossible to answer all those emails through posts that is why I categorized those emails by carriers or

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems: Most reported issues

The AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 is not free from problems like any other variants in the United States. While there were many reported problems and errors, majority of them are minor and could be fixed with logical steps and good workarounds. Non techie users, however, are advised to call AT&T customer service support and ask