CES 2014 Preview and Rumor Roundup: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

How’s your schedule looking for January 7 to 10? Not packed? Then you probably forgot CES was coming. And I can’t blame you, what with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the upcoming Christmas deals taking up so much precious time. But the so-called holiday shopping season will soon be done, and once it is, you

Huawei Phopad

Huawei PhoPad could be new phablet at CES 2014

The Huawei PhoPad is the latest in a line of what appears to be a surprisingly large number of permutations that can be created from the words tablet, smartphone, and pad. Already, we have the generic phablet, which we use to refer to smartphones that are around five inches and above; the fonblet, which Samsung

ASUS Padfone Mini image

ASUS Padfone Mini images surface

ASUS Padfone Mini image renders have made their way online, thanks to famous tipster @evleaks. Rumors of the device have been circulating for the past couple of months, but so far no detailed renders have been posted, prior to these ones that @evleaks uploaded. The images show the 4.3-inch smartphone as well as its 7-inch tablet