Huawei Phopad

Huawei PhoPad could be new phablet at CES 2014

The Huawei PhoPad is the latest in a line of what appears to be a surprisingly large number of permutations that can be created from the words tablet, smartphone, and pad. Already, we have the generic phablet, which we use to refer to smartphones that are around five inches and above; the fonblet, which Samsung

ASUS’s padfone infinity up for preorder in Taiwan

  Are you a fan of Asus’s Padfone lineup? If yes, you can preorder the third version of the famous padfone series provided you live in Taiwan. Being the home country of Asus, it was obvious that the padfone would first go for sale in the country.   The design of the device is quite

21 Android Devices with Quad-core Processors Set to Launch in 2013

The year 2013 is the year for enthusiasts and specs-conscious mobile owners. There will be a lot of devices to feature quad-core chips and most of them are flagships. We have aggregated all quad-core devices announced since January this year and there are already 21 devices that would surely be released in the first half.

Five Things Samsung Galaxy S4 Must Have To Beat ASUS Padfone Infinity

In the past couple of years, Samsung devices have become the benchmarks of the industry we know today as “smart phones” especially in the Android market. That’s the reason why whenever other smartphone manufacturers release new devices, we often compare them to Samsung’s flagships. This year, Samsung is set to release its new flagship called

Ancestor to the Phablet: The ASUS PadFone

Credit: PocketLint ASUS just revealed its “PadFone Infinity” at Mobile World Congress (MWC), and Android Authority posed numerous questions to ASUS’s executive marketing director about the product itself. We know that the PadFone Infinity will have a front-facing, 2-megapixel camera and a 13-megapixel, rear-facing camera (for the smartphone), that will also run Android 4.1 Jelly