7 Best 7 Inch Tablets in 2020

Tablets have been around for quite some time. Although modern day smartphones pretty much make tablets obsolete with their large displays, sometimes it’s handy to have a device like a tablet to carry around for all the non-phone related tasks you can do. Tablets, however, aren’t as popular as smartphones (barring the Apple iPads). This

2013 Nexus 7 is $50 Off Today On Woot

  Here’s a good deal on a 2013 Nexus 7 to kick off 2014. Today only, Woot is offering both models of the Nexus 7 for $50 off. The 16 GB model is $189 and the 32 GB is only $219. The Nexus 7 may be almost five months old, but it’s a good deal

First-Gen Nexus 7 To Get LTE-Enabled Rehash at Google I/O?

Rumors concerning Google’s possible hardware launches during this week’s I/O conference may be a dime a dozen these days, but we can still start talking about certainties. For instance, we’re pretty sure the Nexus 7, the hugely successful 7-inch tablet that was debuted during last year’s I/O, will be getting at least one follow-up by

Google May be Working on a $99 Nexus 7

Google’s introduction of a $199 Android tablet may have taken the market by storm but if you think this is a steal, you should hear the new rumor – that Google may actually release a $99 Android tablet with a 7 inch screen, most likely another edition of Nexus 7.  According to Digitimes, Google may

Nexus 7 with 3G Rumored to Come in 6 Weeks

Since it was launched in July, Google’s and Asus’ Nexus 7 has been garnering many positive reviews and enjoying unprecedented sales as the most sought after tablet in the market.  This is the only tablet that sold out from the stores within a few days of launch, and it was for a good reason for

16GB Android Nexus Tablets Now Back in Stock

The 16GB version of the popular Google Nexus tablet is now listed as ‘Back in stock’, two weeks after it ran ‘Out of stock’ on Google Play.  Since the Nexus 7 tablet was launched during the Google I/O developer conference last month, the 7 inch tablet has ruled the market and has attracted a lot