Android Getting Approved For The US Army, iOS Not So Much

According to a report today on 9to5google by the way of CNN Android is preparing to suit up for deployment in the US Army. Because of Android’s open architecture the US government as able to make tight security revisions to the operating system. The government tweaks to Android will allow government and military personnel transfer

Army Testing iOS And Android Devices For Combat

The Army has plans to test various forms of iOS and Android devices for use during combat starting next week. In New Mexico’s White Sand Missile Range and Fort Bliss in Texas is the First Armored Division Second Brigade Combat Team. This team will be testing out different applications that can aid soldiers on the battlefield. These applications can

Android Army: Literally

Reuters is reporting that Raytheon the maker of the Patriot Missile Defense System, is developing a software system that will help soldiers in the field identify enemies in their surrounding areas. This software will use Google’s Android operating system as it’s back bone. Raytheon isn’ talking about typical Android developer stuff, or basic integration with