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ARM Announces Cortex-A17 Processor Targeting Midrange Mobile Devices

ARM announced this Tuesday its latest processor that’s aimed at midrange mobile.  The ARM Cortex-A17 processor core uses a 32-bit ARMv7-A CPU design offering 60% performance boost compared to the Cortex-A9 while supporting a big.LITTLE task switching. Overall this processor will allow devices to operate much quicker while providing a longer battery life. The company

AMD Announces First ARM-Based Processor

Mobile devices are one of the fastest selling products in the market today which is why lots of manufacturers want a slice of the pie. AMD, a company best known for making processors for computers, has recently announced that it has developed its very first chip based on ARM technology. It is called the AMD

Android might soon be a mainstream desktop OS with Intel’s efforts

Android has traditionally been a mobile platform, but there are efforts to adapt this mobile operating system into other kinds of devices, as well, including embedded devices, desktop computers and even automobiles. In fact, some tablet efforts have attempted to utilize Android as a desktop operating system, with some success. Take for instance the recently-announced

ARM Introduces Mali-T760, Mali-T720 Graphics

Mobile graphics will soon become even better with ARM introducing its next line of graphics chips. The company today introduced two new additions to the Mali GPU family namely the Mali-T760 and the Mali-T720. Mali is the most widely used licensed GPU today that’s available in premium high–end handsets and low=cost budget models. The ARM

ARM Unveils Cortex-A12 CPU, Mali-622 GPU, Mali V-500 Video Processor

ARM announced recently their new product lineup that is aimed at the mid-range smartphone and tablet market. We already know that the Cortex-A15 is targeting high-end devices but for the mid-range device that’s going to cost around $200 the company is offering the Cortex-A12 cpu, Mali-622 gpu, and the Mali V-500 video processor. The Cortex-A12

LG and ARM Partnership Announced

ARM, a known chip developer, announced that LG Electronics is now its lead partner for its Cortex-A50 group of processors. According to VR-Zone and Tom’s Hardware, LG has licensed the next-gen A50 and Mali GPU cores. The chip designer also said that the licensed GPU’s from Mali will have more improved performance capabilities than the

ARM Teams Up With TSMC To Create First 16nm Cortex-A57 Processor

ARM and TSMC have jointly announced that they are ready to mass produce the latest Core-A57 processor. This is ARM’s highest performing processor which is designed for use in future mobile devices. This processor uses a 16nm technology and will soon be used in high-end computer, tablet, and server products. Tom Cronk, executive vice president

Kinetis KL02 is world’s smallest ARM chip

The future is all about computers conquering the world. Well, not exactly, but computers will be present in all walks of our life. We are already so much dependent on computers, and not to mention smartphones because they are computers as well. Computers are getting smaller day by day, and mobile computing has just got

Samsung is a smart phone manufacturer which works on a very strict time to market concept. It the company misses a product release window, it would become difficult for the company to get back the market share and the profits that it would be expecting out of a product. To meet the time to market window, one needs to plan out everything properly, and work accordingly. For example, the South Korea based smart phone manufacturer has already registered a bunch of names for its upcoming smart phones, but it is not known if any of these smart phones are actually in the making. The South Korean based smart phone manufacturer, Samsung, has filed United States trademarks for the following names: Galaxy S Kit, Galaxy S Mate, Galaxy S Impact and Galaxy S Act. These could be the possible names of the upcoming Samsung Android smart phones. Since the line of smart phones is Galaxy S branded, these could be in the upper mid range sector of the smart phone market. Not just this, the South Korean company is also working on registering the name ATIV Zexy trademark in Europe. And since this is ATIV branded, it is going to be name of a Windows Phone smart phone. But again, there is no idea if there is a smart phone in the works to bear this name. Samsung needs to get a good market share in the United States this quarter. It is good to know that the company managed to get a 2.3 per cent increase in its market share in the United States. But if it manages to continue to be on the rise, soon the company will be over the Cupertino tech giant and its iPhone. Apple has managed to get a steady 2 per cent rise in its market share in the previous quarter ending December, 2012.

Video explains the working of big.LITTLE configuration Samsung Galaxy S IV is the most anticipated smartphone that will be launched in a few months. We expect a lot from this phone because it is the sequel of the flagship Galaxy S III device, which is still a hot product. With so many other manufacturers launching their flagship phones with high end

Intel closes the power consumption gap on ARM

The smartphone market is conquered by ARM processors. Majority of handheld devices out there make use of ARM processor. As we all know, Intel is the world leader in semiconductor processors for laptops and desktops, but the same hasn’t been the case in handheld device segment, mostly due to the power consumption and heat dissipation

Giada To Launch ARM-Based Android Mini Computers

Giada, a company that makes small desktop computers will be launching two mini PCs with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and ARM processors. These desktop computers, called the Giada Q10 and Q11, respectively, are already up on the company’s official websites, along with their specifications. The Giada Q10 has dimensions of 190mm x 149mm