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Archos Gamepad 2

Archos Gamepad 2 appears in product page

The Archos GamePad 2 was spotted recently in a product page at the HKTDC website. The page reveals the specifications that may be expected from the gaming device. The Archos Game Pad 2 will offer a 1.6 GHz quad-core CPU, which is probably Rockchip RK3188, based on ARM Cortex A9. It also comes with 2

ARCHOS Announces Upcoming Products Ahead OF IFA 2013

ARCHOS has just announced their upcoming lineup of smartphone and tablet devices for this year ahead of IFA 2013. The French electronics company has provided a sneak peek into the devices that it will be showcasing at the event which includes new Platinum and Xenon devices. Loic Poirier, CEO of ARCHOS, said that “This combination


Archos 101 XS 2 could be coming to IFA 2013

Archos has five announcements planned for IFA next month and one may be the new Archos 101 XS 2, the second generation of the 101 XS. This will be one of the two tables suspected to be coming to the event, with two smartphone releases and one other device. A new FCC filing revealed the

Archos Gamepad 2

Archos GamePad 2 arrives at the FCC

The Archos GamePad 2 has been spotted at the FCC bearing the model number A70GP2. The device however has a 180 day confidentiality request which means there are no substantial images to back up the filing. This also means that the device won’t be out anytime soon, although the upcoming IFA event would be perfect


Archos preparing to launch seven smartphones later this year

Archos will be preparing to launch seven Android smartphones later this year at different price points, preparing to flood the market with phones for all types of users. Even though Archos isn’t the biggest manufacturer yet, they are gaining support in the low-end market and may push into mid and high-end markets at the end

Archos launches ChefPad for Food Lovers

Smartphones and tablets are dominating our lives now. The tabs are getting popular day by day as their usage increase in every part of life from schools to auto-workshops, and when these tabs along with smartphones are being used everywhere then why not have a tab for your kitchen??? Archos has come up with a

Archos Unveils 3 New Android Smartphones and a Phablet

Archos is not the most popular name when it comes to smartphone and tablets, but it seems the company is working on changing that.  The company today announced a line of Android smartphones and a phablet targeting different types of users.  The four devices are all dual-SIM, likely designed for the European market, three come

Archos releases 80 Titanium and 97 Titanium

The 80 Titanum and 97 Titanium have just expanded the product lineup of Archos. The 80 Titanium is priced at $169, while the larger variant at $249.   These slates share similar specifications, and the difference between them is mainly the size of their display. The Archos 80 Titanum packs an 8-inch IPS screen with

Archos Unveils FamilyPad 2

French manufacturer Archos has just announced their latest Android tablet called the FamilyPad 2. This device has a 13.3 inch screen which makes it ideal for use by the whole family. While it might not be portable and may be too large to carry around with you this makes a perfect living room companion where

Archos Officially Announces New Platinum Line Of Tablets

During the recently held CES we first saw the new line of Platinum tablets coming from Archos. Today, the company has officially announced the tablets and have also given a release date and pricing. A total of three tablets will be making their way to the market which are the Platinum 80, Platinum 97, and

Archos GamePad To Hit US Market Next Month

The Archos GamePad will finally be hitting the US market in February. The release date marks roughly a month after the device was released in Europe. In the US, the Android-based gaming tablet will retail for $169. Archos showcased the device last week during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. What sets this

Archos Unveils New Titanium Line Of Tablets At CES

It looks like this year is going to be a tablet year for Archos as the company announced an additional four more tablets at the CES on top of the two previously shown off. These tablets fall under their Titanium line which offers superb performance and offers the best value for your money. Common to

Archos Expands Tablet Lineup with Arnova FamilyPad

Archos is offering a new tablet device called the Arnova FamilyPad, according to the Facebook page of Archos Slovenia. It may be recalled that the same tablet made an appearance at the Federal Communications Commission website last August. The listing revealed that the tablet will be packed with two USB ports, a headphones jack, and