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5 Best Augmented Reality Apps In 2019

If you’re not immediately familiar with what augmented reality is, it basically uses your phone/tablet camera to recognize or add digital objects to the scene. One of the best examples of it was the ever-popular Pokemon Go, where you could see and play with Pokemon in the “real world” through your phone. Another great example

Vivo Xplay 3S Sends Out Augmented Reality Press Invite

One of the most highly anticipated Android smartphones is about to be released this month and right now press invites have already been sent out. Chinese company BBK is making its press invites as special as the Vivo Xplay 3S by sending out physical invitations in the form of Augmenter Reality (AR) cards instead of

Google Sending Out Invites For Their Augmented Reality Game

Google Niantic Labs is unveiling their latest project. It is a new augmented reality game called Ingress. Yes, it is an actual augmented reality game. Unfortunately, the game is in a invite only stage. With Google behind this project, it’s bound to produce some amazing results and maybe even take augmented reality to the next level.

Viewdle Brings Game Changing Game To Android

Wow there’s those words “Game Changing”, and this time we’re talking about a game so it’s got to be good right? The folks at Viewdle have released a new vampire game to the Android market called Third Eye. So what makes a vampire game so earth shattering and game changing? It’s the way that Viewdle