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Gmail in Galaxy S7 email app won’t send to group, other issues

Considered as the best in its class today, the Samsung #GalaxyS7 is undeniably reliable, taking into account the millions of fans using it. But like any electronic gadget, some users also encounter quirks sporadically. Some of these users have contacted us and we publish 5 of them here today. Below are the specific problems that

Galaxy S7 constantly disconnects from Wi-Fi network, other issues

Samsung’s most advanced smartphone, the #GalaxyS7, has proven itself that’s it’s worthy of the Galaxy S reputation for months now. But just like any other electronic device, many users are also complaining of issues using it. Below are some of these reported problems as well as their solutions. These are the specific topics covered in

Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO has surpassed 50 million downloads on Android

Pokémon Go has become a global sensation ever since it was released on Android and iOS. While it’s not quite international yet, thanks to unofficial APK downloads, it’s safe to say that the game has caught on in global markets. But if we speak about official downloads, well, a quick glance through the Google Play Store reveals

Galaxy Note 5 not getting app notifications, other issues

Hello and welcome to another article on how to fix #GalaxyNote5 issues. In this material, we give you simple help tricks that you can do if you encounter a Note 5 not getting app notifications problem. We also discussed other topics that you may find helpful: Galaxy Note 5 not getting app notifications How to get

What to do if Galaxy S6 Edge is unresponsive, other issues

A lot questions have been thrown our way on what to do with an unresponsive smartphone before. In this post, we show you what you can do on your end if your #GalaxyS6 and #GalaxyS6Edge have trouble turning on, or does not respond to any of your commands. Included here as well are other unrelated Galaxy

Galaxy S6 apps are laggy and not working properly, other issues

If you’ve been using an Android device for some time now, you should have experienced problems with one of your apps. While app issues can come in many forms, one of the most frustrating problems is when you encounter lag when using an app. In this article, we address this issue on the Samsung #GalaxyS6.

Galaxy S7 apps network issue after an update, other issues

Sometimes, Android updates can lead to all sorts of problems. In this post, we share to you how Galaxy S7 apps network issue happens after a system update. We also bring you other #GalaxyS7 issues submitted by some members of TheDroidGuy community. Don’t forget that we’ve already published other articles about the Galaxy S7 and

Galaxy S7 camera features not working with Whatsapp, other issues

We bring you four more #GalaxyS7 issues today. As always, we hope that the solutions provided here can help users who contacted us as well as those with similar problems. Don’t forget to follow previously published S7 and S7 edge articles as well. Below are specific topics discussed in this material: Galaxy S7 GPS not