Galaxy S7 apps network issue after an update, other issues

Sometimes, Android updates can lead to all sorts of problems. In this post, we share to you how Galaxy S7 apps network issue happens after a system update. We also bring you other #GalaxyS7 issues submitted by some members of TheDroidGuy community. Don’t forget that we’ve already published other articles about the Galaxy S7 and

Galaxy S7 camera features not working with Whatsapp, other issues

We bring you four more #GalaxyS7 issues today. As always, we hope that the solutions provided here can help users who contacted us as well as those with similar problems. Don’t forget to follow previously published S7 and S7 edge articles as well. Below are specific topics discussed in this material: Galaxy S7 GPS not

Questions regarding S Planner Tasks in Galaxy Note 5, other issues

Our post today resolved five #GalaxyNote5 issues submitted by members of our community. If you don’t find a solution to your own Note 5 problem here, kindly visit this page. Below are the specific topics covered in this material today: Questions regarding S Planner Tasks in Galaxy Note 5 Galaxy Note 5 S Pen stops working

Galaxy Note 5 camera freezes when using zoom, other issues

We’ve seen some news about the upcoming #GalaxyNote6 recently and we can rest assured that the Note series is in good hands. It appears that Samsung is planning on introducing more innovative ways to make the next Galaxy Note become another hit. Whatever the new Note 6 will bring, one thing will be for sure

Galaxy Note 5 losing battery fast in idle mode, other issues

Battery drain is a perennial issue for most smartphones today and even flagship models are not immune. We’ve already covered many power- or battery-related issues in the past but let’s take a look at one issue below. It is submitted by one of our #GalaxyNote5 users. Don’t hesitate to consult more of our previously posted

What to do if your Galaxy S5 has a screen issue, other S5 issues

From time to time, we receive requests for assistance regarding broken #GalaxyS5 screens. In this post, we address such issue by educating the user and our community on what to do. Frankly, there’s nothing much that we can provide in terms of concrete help in dealing with it, especially if we can establish that it’s

Spotify Android TV

Spotify now available on Android TV

#Spotify has now announced its arrival on #AndroidTV, letting customers browse their music library on the big screen. All the standard Spotify Connect features will be applicable here and Spotify will treat this as another device for easy switching between devices. It’s a bit surprising that it has taken the developers this long to come

Acer Chromebook Deal

Play Store and Android apps officially coming to Chrome OS

Before the Google I/O event commenced a few hours ago, it was largely believed that #Google w0uld have some good news in store for Chrome OS users. Well, that news has finally been broken, with Google announcing the imminent arrival of Android apps and Play Store for the Chrome OS platform. This would finally help the

WhatsApp now has its very own desktop app for Windows and Mac

One of the world’s most popular IM clients, #WhatsApp, is now available as a standalone application for Windows and Mac machines. Previously, users were limited to using WhatsApp on the browser via WhatsApp Web, but this new addition makes it more convenient for users to communicate with one other on their computers. The app is

Windows 7 computer not detecting Galaxy S6, other issues

If you’ve been around for some time in Android world, you may have experienced a situation wherein a computer fails to read, or even detect, your Android phone. Our post today addresses this problem with a #GalaxyS6. We also cover some other unrelated problems but if you want to check previously published posts for the

Viber Hidden Chats

Updated version of Viber introduces to end-to-end encryption

The makers of IM client #Viber have just pushed a new update to the app which finally introduces end-to-end encryption by default. This basically means that the app will now have secure chats that cannot be traced by anyone, not even the government. #WhatsApp introduced the same feature a couple of weeks ago. In addition

Google scans six billion Android apps everyday for threats

#Google published a report on the state of #Android security last year. The Mountain View giant has published another report now, giving us an idea on how the malware threats on apps are being handled. The company claims that over 6 billion Android apps are scanned every day for threats and 400 million devices daily,

Galaxy S5 not receiving any new Android updates, other issues

Do you have a question why your #GalaxyS5 no longer receives an update? The first issue on this post may help shed some light. Together with this specific update issue are some of the other common problems other S5 users have encountered. Don’t forget to visit this page if you want to check other S5

Gear S2

Samsung Gear S2 apps have increased exponentially since its launch

The #Samsung #GearS2 was released back in August 2015 by the company with availability following shortly after. A new report now mentions that the available apps for the smartwatch have increased by four times since the smartwatch was released. This is excellent new for Samsung and goes to show that there are developers out there